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Historical Acts of Cultural Diplomacy

In this section, readers can find a list of historical examples of successful acts of cultural diplomacy practiced by different actors since the end of the Second World War using different aspects of culture and other elements to represent and demonstrate what humanity shares in common through our cultures. These acts have served throughout the years as a catalyst to promote cooperation and to ease conflicts.

Through the medium of art, music and sport, countless individuals and groups have employed cultural diplomacy throughout history, drawing attention to issues of universal concern through cultural expression to ease conflict and promote international cooperation. Through this timeline, the ICD recounts keystone acts of Cultural Diplomacy in action, demonstrating its exemplification in a manner surpassing pure theory, thus making the concept more accessible and engaging.

Ranging from events such as the launch of the Fulbright Program, to the recent Hijab Appeal, individual acts of cultural diplomacy in practice throughout history are documented, paying tribute to both major and less publicized instances of operationalized cultural diplomacy.


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