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US Government establishes Peace Corps volunteer program[edit]

John F. Kennedy outlined the idea of a "Peace Corps" organization during his 1960 presidential campaign. The President believed that properly funded and well organized volunteers could be placed in lieu of soldiers for a corps designed to bring peace, not war. Such a corps could bring the might of US resources and the best of American cultural values to areas in need of assistance, in turn taking back the best of other world cultures. Peace Corps volunteers are American college graduates who, after three months of training, work abroad for a period of 24 months with the aim of promoting world peace and friendship. Volunteers work with multiple institutions such as schools, governments and non-profit organizations. Serving in 139 countries and spearheading a plethora of initiatives like the eradication of malaria in Africa initiative, the Peace Corps has seen over 210,000 American citizens join its ranks since its inception. Cultural exchange is intrinsic to the Peace Corps organization and it encourages cooperation between all nations and peoples, strengthening cross-cultural relations. In the mission for peace, boundaries between nations are diminished, stereotypes are eradicated, and culture mixes freely.