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iCulturalDiplomacy Rules and Guidelines
Please be advised that this rules and guidelines can be changed, and we will only be able to give you notice of this if you include an email in your account!!

iCulturalDiplomacy Rules and Guidelines


1. iCulturalDiplomacy is a compilation of the research undertaken by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy and external contributors. It contains articles in the field of cultural diplomacy that are meant to inform readers about actual facts and ideas.

2. Article titles should be precise, concise and relevant to the content of the article.

3. Articles about living persons, which require a degree of sensitivity, must use high-quality references, particularly when commenting on personal lives. Contentious material and questionable content will be deleted immediately.

4. Images uploaded on the website should be free images and they should mention the source in the description.

5. Articles should be written from a neutral point of view, objectively, in the third person. Advertising and publicity articles are forbidden.

6. Articles which contain facts and ideas that have already been published in other sources should include links or references to those sources in order for the readers to be able to verify the content. Any unsourced content can be reported and removed. Editors must only use information that they know to be true and can provide a valid source to reference their information. Any information included without a reference or that is false will be removed. Rumours may not be posted until confirmed, unless they are scandalous and controversial, in which case they should never be published.

7. All articles belong to the community, not to their editors and anyone is free to add their own input. [This may be invalid when original research is posted] option 2: Contributions remain the property of their creators, while the content is freely distributable and reproducible. For more info on Copyright check our Legal Document

8. Copyrighted material should not be posted anywhere on the iCulturalDiplomacy pages. For more info on Copyright please see our Legal Document.

Code of Conduct

1. All users are to respect the legislation concerning copyright, freedom of expression, protection of minors and defamation.

2. Rudeness or insensitivity are not allowed since they distract readers and may cause unnecessary harm to the subject or person.

3. Any user with a login account can report articles or parts of articles that they believe to not respect the rules. Several reports will lead to the deletion of the reported article or part of the article.

4. Users should not create multiple accounts to give the impression of greater support or to avoid sanctions. Users that have been sanctioned will not be allowed to edit using new accounts.

5. Vandalism means any addition, deletion, or change to content made in a deliberate attempt to compromise the integrity of the encyclopedia. Users that engage in this kind of behaviour will be permanently blocked.

6. There should be no advertisements or publicity in the encyclopedia of any kind.

7. Spamming of the pages will result in permanent bans to any user.

8. Every user that detects an infringement of the copyright laws is kindly asked to send an e-mail to the following e-mail address:....and the content will be deleted.

9. Users who disagree with certain things that are posted, who detect content that they know or believe to be false or who have a different point of view are encouraged to use the Talk option before editing or modifying anything. Every form of civil discussion is well accepted since “healthy” debate is a form of growth and cultural dialogue.

10. Users should not display content, or engage in any activity, that compromises anyone’s privacy by using or revealing personal information.

11. Users should not use i-CulturalDiplomacy community functions to annoy or censure any person, group, or entity.

12. If there are problems, let us know about them so that we can fix them. Please report complaints and problems appropriately.

13. Participate in a considerate and respectful way, and do not direct offensive language at other users.

14. Do not ignore the positions and conclusions of others.

15. Make concise and coherent arguments rather than simply attacking others users, and encourage them to do the same.

16. In order to avoid incivility: explain yourself by using the talk page if a more substantive debate is likely to be needed, be careful with user warning templates, take care to avoid the appearance of being heavy-handed.

17. Choose your words carefully: be sensitive to other users and use your words accordingly, in an appropriate manner.

18. Any form of discrimination is deemed unacceptable: race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.


1. Please use correct HTML coding when adding links, PDF files and pictures into articles.

2. The ICD’s working language is English and therefore we ask that any articles or additions to articles will be written in correct, U.S. English; please also keep grammar in mind and use punctuation correctly.

3. Please use correct heading numbers and only use italics and bold where necessary.

4. Photos and pictures must be no larger than 400 pixels and set to the right/left of the page so they do not disturb the text.


1. Any information that is deemed as inappropriate by the ICD will be removed without warning.

2. The infringement of the rules above will lead to one of the sanctions, depending on their gravity: warning, temporary block, or a permanent block.

3. Content that is reported by several editors or that is in obvious violation of these rules will be deleted.

4. If appropriate, legal action may be taken against any parties that vandalise and cause harm to reputations of subjects and/or parties.