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The iCulturalDiplomacy is a compilation of the research undertaken by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy and external contributors. iCulturalDiplomacy provides information overviews of current activity in the cultural diplomacy field. The Outlook takes both a vertical approach by analyzing cultural diplomacy involvement through different sectors, such as public, private, and civil society, and a horizontal approach of how that involvement is carried out in different geographical regions and within various cultural diplomacy themes, such as nation branding, inter-religious dialogue, sports and the arts.

iCulturalDiplomacy is unique as it provides a first look at the public and private sectors and civil society, including informations of geographic regions, groups of societies, and individual actors that are engaged in cultural diplomacy but are often overlooked.

iCulturalDiplomacy also includes an overview of cultural diplomacy activities within broad geographical regions including Africa, the Mediterranean and the South Pacific. These regions are highly relevant to the field, yet have been largely overlooked in current cultural diplomacy assessments. Furthermore, individual country reports, written by nationals of selected countries around the world, aim to deepen and specify this research.

These country profiles provide an in-depth analysis from personal, first-hand viewpoints of the practices within each country, highlighting areas of cultural diplomacy involvement and offering recommendations for improved cultural diplomacy practices. Each profile has its own unique voice and insights.

Additionally, iCulturalDiplomacy contains a comprehensive indexes of cultural diplomacy projects and programs operating around the globe. The indexes includes a concise description of the aims and competencies of each project as well as a listing of contact details so as to act as an easy point of reference for those wishing to further engage with cultural diplomacy projects.