Woodstock Festival

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Woodstock Festival Epitomized the 1960's Principles of Peace and Love[edit]


Woodstock Music Festival was billed as '3 days of Peace & Music' and was held in the town of Bethel, New York. Such was the popularity of the sentiment; more than double the expected number of festival goers attended and eventually resulted in the event becoming a free festival. A festival of that magnitude had not taken place before but ran peacefully, with festival goers contributing to maintaining a sense of social harmony and peace. The legacy of the festival is maintained in popular culture through the famous 'Woodstock' documentary. The Woodstock Festival of 1969 is widely considered the pinnacle of the 1960's zeitgeist advocating freedom of expression and love. Music is a powerful tool for uniting people through cultural exchange; this is perfectly illustrated by the shared experience of the festival goers at Woodstock. The Woodstock Festival remains a symbol of the principles of love and peace embodied by the late 1960's in the hearts and minds of many.