Women Are Heroes

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A Tribute to Women Worldwide[edit]

In 2008, the French urban 'Artivist' JR initiated the 'Women Are Heroes' project, in which he highlights the dignity of women who are often targets during conflicts. In his international tour for 'Women are Heroes' he went to Cambodia, India, Brazil, Kenya, Liberia and Sierra Leone and pasted enormous posters of captured images in public spaces - on walls of churches and mosques, the sides of buses and trains etc. The project introduces us to women have looked death in the face and have had a painful past, but dream of a bright future. Looking inside the minds of these women, JR tried to get close to what is common to all of them: namely the human being. Through the 'Women are Heroes' project, JR tried to describe tales of women who experienced horror and hardships in their life, through art. His project is one of images over words. Women from all over the world are brought together to share both the nightmares of their past and their hopes for their future, in front of JR's camera.