The Women Of Liberia Mass Action For Peace

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Grassroots Engagement for Peace[edit]

In 2003, the bottom-up project started by the Women in Peace building Network issued a statement of intent stating that "in the past we were silent, but after being killed, raped, dehumanized, and infected with diseases, and watching our children and families destroyed, war has taught us that the future lies in saying NO to violence and YES to peace! We will not relent until peace prevails". The organisation initiated a peaceful act in which thousands of Liberian women of different religions, ethnic identities, ages and social backgrounds sang, danced and prayed for peace every day for months in a fish market. The act forced President Charles Taylor to take part in peace negotiations in Ghana. During the talks between the President and the rebel groups, a delegation of Liberian women went to Ghana to continue their struggle for peace. They continued to apply pressure on the negotiators until a peace agreement was reached. This peaceful and successful action has been noticed and awarded all over the world, not least by the Nobel Peace Prize of 2011. Not only did their actions help Liberia to reach peace, but it also lessened tensions and fostered increased tolerance between the different groups of the society.