Virtual Dinner Guest Project

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Virtual Dinners: Breaking Bread, Breaking Barriers[edit]

The Virtual Dinner Guest Project is an international forum of dialogue that is based on the premise: 'It is harder to ignore, vilify or harm those with whom we have broken bread'. The mission of the project is to connect the world at its dinner tables in order to promote free speech, alternative media, and social innovation. During a 90-minute dinner shared via Skype, participants discuss news headlines of their communities on topics like human rights, development and public health. When the dinner ends, the creative parts begin as both parties take a few questions to the streets of their local communities, and film people's responses. This project bridges geographic distances, connecting people across their cultural differences over a virtual dinner. Discussing relevant news topics with people from across the globe (e.g. native Americans who dine with inhabitants of the Gaza Strip) is an ideal way of exchanging cultures and improving relations between divergent groups.