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The first All-African, Multi-Sport Event is held[edit]

In the early sixties several African nations hosted the "Friendship Games" sport event. Originally limited to a handful of French-speaking on the continent, it soon expanded and by 1965 the Friendship Games became the "All-Africa Games", with nations from all over Africa sending the best of their athletic talent to compete. The idea of holding an All-African sporting event was first conceived in the 1920s, however colonial powers suppressed the notion, fearing that such an event could ignite nationalistic sentiment and undermine their rule. The eventual formation of the event was a victory for unity and cultural expression free from colonial rule. The All-Africa Games have inspired the creation of other multi-sport events across the world, such as the Pan-Armenian Games with athletes from countries form the Armenian diaspora participating. Although competitive, the shared experience of sport is an exemplary means of connecting people, and such events are powerful vehicles for uniting people from different cultures all over the world.

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