Playing For Change

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Bringing People Together Through Music[edit]

'Playing for Change' is a global multimedia music project, started in 2004, which attempts to bring together musicians from all over the world. The project, initiated by the American producer and sound engineer Mark Johnson also created the non-profit organization "Playing for Change Foundation", which builds music schools for children around the world. The project uses the medium of music to achieve its main aims: to inspire, connect and bring peace to the world. Mark Johnson travelled around the world to record the same song performed by a number of different musicians, each with their own interpretation of the song. The first song recorded was "Stand by me", and all the recordings have recently been made into a short film, which has reached over 56 Million views on YouTube. Music is an exemplary tool to achieve peace and to connect people from different countries and cultures, focusing on unity instead of difference. 'Playing for Change' crosses national boundaries in as similar way to the Eurovision Song Contest.