Ambassador of Goodwill

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UN appointed the First Goodwill Ambassador in 1954[edit]

In 1954, the famous American actor and singer Danny Kaye became the first UN Goodwill Ambassador. It was the first time that the power of celebrity status had been used to reach a global audience with the aim of improving the lives of millions of children all over the world. Since then, a total of 16 United Nations organizations have introduced the Goodwill Ambassador program. Every year, stars of screen, music, sport and literature stand by the noble aims of the United Nations and become advocates of people in need. The field of their voluntary work is broad; it goes from participation in public hearings, fund-raising galas or concerts to engagement in projects within post-conflict zones. The Goodwill Ambassador project is an excellent example of how art, culture or sport can be used to draw global attention and foster increased understanding of the myriad of challenges faced by children and vulnerable people every day. The involvement of celebrities in global politics has improved relations between divergent groups, thereby implementing cultural diplomacy.