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Cultural Diplomacy News


South-South Cooperation Could Lead to Accomplishing the UN Sustainable Development Agenda »

Inter-Southern Hemisphere Cooperation Helping To Raise Living Standards



Shining Stars of Europe: a Video Contest Organized by the European Union »

An Opportunity for Young People to Show Their Ideas through Film



GOAL! Canada and Germany Face Off in Youth Ice Hockey Competition »

A German Ice Hockey and Cultural Group Held a Youth Ice Hockey Competition Over the Last Week.



US and UK Foreign Ministers Call for End to Violence Against Women »

The US Secretary of State John Kerry and the UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond Take Tough Stance Against Violence Against Women Committed by Recognized Terrorist Groups



New Orleans Provides Roadmap for Protecting Inhabitants from Natural Disasters »

City of New Orleans Issues Guidelines for a Sustainable Future whilst Serving as an Example of Resilience to All



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Latest News[edit]

Berlin Global


RIKKI Art Exhibition, Showcases Art as a Tool to Support Mental Health Rehabilitation »

The Finnish Embassy in Berlin Promotes RIKKI Art Exhibition at the Showroom Berliini



German Pharmaceutical Giant, Bayer is Supporting Young and Disabled Athletes »

Bayer Club members will be Represented During the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro



The Embassy of Madagascar Celebrates the French Language in Berlin »

The Embassies of Madagascar and France in Berlin Joined Together to Celebrate with Francophone Communities in Berlin



Uruguayan Embassy gives a speech about Tourism at the ICD During the Berlin Economic Forum »

The Main Topics Dealt with During the Conference were about Different Types of Tourism in the Country and the Situation with Regards to the Economy



President of the Jordanian Senate Addresses the Berlin Economic Forum 2016 »

President Faisal EL-Fayez Comments on Economic Growth in Jordan Despite the Conflicts in the Middle East


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Latest News[edit]

Corporate Cultural Diplomacy: Private Sector Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy

This section provides the public with research on influential corporations of the private sector and their engagement in cultural diplomacy. The project aims to increase transparency and promote the practice of cultural diplomacy at a corporate level. The assessed companies will have the opportunity to update any relevant information on their personal profiles, therefore keeping the public up to date with the practices and their engagement in Cultural Diplomacy. This research enhances corporations in the private sector to engage more in Cultural Diplomacy and Social Responsibility and to learn more about the practice. More…

Parliamentarians' Contributions to Cultural Diplomacy, Local Communities & the Global Community

Photos stripe Parliamentarians iCD.JPG
This section provides the public with biographies of all MP's of European Union nations. The project aims to increase transparency and promote the practice of cultural diplomacy at the parliamentary level. Parliamentarians will have the opportunity to update any relevant information into their personal biography, therefore keeping the public up to date with the practices of their parliamentarians. More...

Celebrated Artists Contributions' to the Field of Cultural Diplomacy

This section incorporates personalities from a variety of backgrounds who have gone above and beyond in their bid to help humanity and improve the well-being of those most in need. Primarily through donations to charities, foundations and organizations, these people have sought to change the world for the better, and in the process, create a cosmopolitan community of care and support that is necessary within our inter-dependant societies. More...

Historical Acts of Cultural Diplomacy

Parliamentarians iCD.jpg
In this section, readers can find a list of historical examples of successful acts of cultural diplomacy practiced by different actors since the end of the Second World War, using different aspects of culture and other elements to represent and demonstrate what humanity shares in common through our cultures. These acts have served throughout the years as a catalyst to promote cooperation and ease conflicts. More...

Vehicles of Cultural Diploamcy

This section focuses on diverse political, cultural, and economic issues, concentrating on specific geographical regions or areas, as well as on specific academic fields. The thematic programs focus on the implementation of Cultural Diplomacy as a tool to promote cooperation and understanding in a number of specific areas and fields. More...

The Cultural Diplomacy Dictionary

Diccionary.jpg “The Cultural Diplomacy Dictionary is aimed at introducing governmental & diplomatic officials, academics & scholars, young professionals & students, artists, civil society & private sector representatives, to contemporary and evolving concepts of cultural diplomacy.” The Cultural Diplomacy Dictionary items have been gathered from a diverse range of literature, including English, American, French, Spanish, Chinese and German. The essential idea was to compile a list of terms that do not already possess a precise definition, and describe them in a way that is more relevant to global politics today.

This Cultural Diplomacy Dictionary also contains references to influential people and organizations that have made significant contributions to cultural diplomacy and related fields, including Cultural Studies, International Relations, Sociology and Anthropology.More...