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Youth & Cultural Diplomacy

Young people can act as a key driver of cultural diplomacy, and initiatives of cultural diplomacy in practice. This section explores the role of young people in implementing cultural diplomacy initiatives, and how participation in cultural exchange programs can influence their outlook, education and development.

Human Rights & Cultural Diplomacy

In spite of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights now existing for almost 70 years, an alarming number of people throughout the world are still subjected to violations of their human rights. This section delineates the ways in which governments, NGOs and civil society can, and have, sought to influence governments worldwide to provide better protection of the rights of their citizens by utilizing tools of cultural diplomacy.

Art, Music & Sports as Cultural Diplomacy

Art, music and sport can serve as powerful tools of cultural diplomacy. For the cause of intercultural exchange and dialogue, conflict resolution, peace-building and youth education and development, these vehicles can all be utilized by cultural diplomacy practitioners in order to achieve each of these respective goals. This section explores each of these themes, and analyses examples of initiatives implemented worldwide which use these vehicles.

Cultural Diplomacy in Europe

Programs and initiatives that promote relations between cultural groups and countries within Europe, to improve relations between Europe and other regions, and to support Europe in playing a more influential, constructive role in addressing global challenges.

Cultural Bridges in Germany

This thematic program addresses the projects and initiatives implemented by actors within Germany designed to strengthen relations between Germany's cultural communities. This explores the benefits of a multi-cultural society, and analyzing Germany's increasing role as a regional and global power.

The Transatlantic Relationship

The United States and Europe have a deep historical relationship that has bound the two regions together from the Age of Enlightenment and political revolution, through the waves of 19th century immigration, to the political manifestations of the Cold War and the predicted new world order. This section provides a compilation of initiatives that aim to generate stronger understanding between the US and Europe for the amelioration of cultural, scientific, and academic exchange.

Cultural Diplomacy & International Economics

The process of globalization has re-structured the rules of the contemporary economic system. The principles of bilateral and multilateral trade and investment have now changed in such a way that economic growth for example requires more than just financial exchange; It is now require diplomacy, cooperation, and cultural understanding in order to be successful.

Cultural Diplomacy in Africa

Programs and initiatives that promote social and economic development within Africa, and to strengthen relations between cultural groups and nation states on the continent. At the global level, the program works to promote stronger political, economic, and cultural links between Africa and other regions.

Cultural Diplomacy in East Asia

Programs and initiatives that promote and strengthen relations between cultural groups and countries within East Asia, to improve relations between East Asian and other geographical regions, and to support East Asia in playing a more influential and constructive role in addressing global challenges.

Cultural Diplomacy in Latin America

Programs and initiatives that explores constructive impact on the region's development by focusing on the varied multicultural societies of Latin and Southern American countries.

Cultural Diplomacy in Afghanistan & Central Asia

Programs and initiatives that raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities facing Afghanistan and central Asia today, and to contribute to the global policy debate on the best strategies for ensuring sustainable development and stability in the region.