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The Turnout is Up to 1.000 Marks

April 20th, 2016

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It was reported by the Special Ballot Reception and Custody Group (SBRCG) of the Philippine Embassy in Berlin, that more than 1.000 ballot envelopes for the Philippine Presidential Elections have been collected for the month-long overseas voting period. The Filipino overseas absentee voters in Germany have the possibility to vote for the Philippine Presidential Elections by mail from April 9th to May 9th 2016. Apparently, the Presidential Elections held in Philippine Embassy, look very attractive as the current result is, after two weeks from the start, 50% more than the result of the 2013 mid-term general elections (the total ballots cast was over 600).

According to the Ambassador Thomeczeck, the Philippine Embassy in Berlin is using all the possible resources to encourage Filipino voters in Germany to participate to the elections. As Thomeczeck said, the Filipinos’ vote abroad is highly influencing the faith in the electoral process of the Philippines. Moreover, the Embassy recommended the Filipino voters to check if they have received their COMELEC (Commission of Elections) mailing packets. Besides, the SBRCG Chairperson and Consul Catherine Torres stated that only the people registered as overseas voters in Germany could receive the mailing packets from COMELEC.

Those who did not receive yet their ballots, they have to check the list of names at the Philippine Embassy website and search for those whose mailing packets were sent back undelivered by German postal service to the Embassy. So far, the Philippine Embassy in Berlin has re-sent 250 COMELEC mailing packets to Filipino voters who live in Germany due to cross-checking and re-verify of voter records, as well as due to the information they received from some voters on the change of their postal addresses.

Additionally, questions about voter registration may be sent to COMELEC by e-mail, as well as the voter ID. The address is:

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