20 Years of European Voluntary Service

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European Voluntary Service has been giving young people the chance to travel and learn about other cultures for 20 years[edit]

November 14th, 2016

Linda Vavricova, CD News

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It has been 20 years since the program helping young people to volunteer in and outside of Europe was established. Since 1996, almost 100,000 young people have volunteered through the European Voluntary Service.

The Festival is a platform for research involving a wide audience. It encourages people to value and experience art through cultural institutions and using public spaces. The Cycle Concourse program collaborates with the Iceland Academy of the Arts and provides artists to the students and the opportunity to collaborate and work together on new creations and achievements through the use of workshops, artist talks and mutual exchange of ideas.

The Concourse is seen as an excellent tool that helps students to improve their professional skills and promotes intercultural communication. The festival took place on 30th October 2016 in the town of Kópavogur. The area of Hamraborg creates the right setting for the meeting of the cultural institutions. It also manages to create a true international community. The event seeks to redefine the traditional Art Festival and turn it into a real recreational site with the aim of inspiring the artists and students to appreciate environments such as museums and concert halls and discover new places, showing performances, installations in public spaces and new places.

This year, it was also announced that the Cycle Music and Art Festival will collaborate with Hong Kong Music in 2017. They will create an artist’s exchange programme involving artists and musicians working in Iceland and Hong Kong. In fact, this year composer Lam Lai will be participating in the Cycle Music and Art Festival in Kopavogur. - See more at: http://cd-n.org/index.php?20-years-of-european-voluntary-service#sthash.Ca6t5cXA.dpuf