The 21st Edition of Miart in Milan

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154 International Exhibitors From 16 Countries at the International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art

April 14th, 2016

The 21st Edition of Miart in Milan 1.jpg

Miart is an international fair of Modern and Contemporary Art held in Milan, also known for its design section, and this year it celebrated the twenty-first edition from the 7th to the 10th of April. 154 international exhibitors from 16 countries served as host, creating a mix of genres, thanks to the work of Vincenzo de Bellis, artistic director since 2012. He gave to the event an international notoriety, connecting the cultural and economic fabric of Milan to leading worldwide organizations. Indeed, the sections of the fair and the parallel events had as principal focus the “crossing” of different disciplines, in order to communicate to several kinds of public and to facilitate the dialogue between Modern and Contemporary Art.

Five sections were presented: “Established,” a selection of international galleries that promote modern and contemporary art and it is subdivided into Masters, Contemporary, and First Step; “Decades” that shown the central role of galleries and their history presenting key moments of the different periods; “THENnow”, invitational section where artists from different generations enter into dialogue with each other; “Emergent”, artworks by galleries with a maximum of five years in existence; “Object”, promoting experimental design and the decorative arts resulted from a joint initiative with designers. During the days of the fair took place Miartalks, a forum with artists, curators, filmmakers, directors of institutions, writers and others personalities engaged with the visual and performing arts, in order to reflect on cross-disciplinary themes.

The image of this year’s edition was entrusted to Mousse (from 2013) and in particular to the photographer Bea De Giacomo in collaboration with the collective Rio Grande (Lorenzo Cianchi, Natascia Fenoglio, Francesco Valtolina). The theme is the beekeeping as a symbol not only of the “spring awakening” that characterized Milan during the fair’s days but also of the relation between humans and nature and, in particular, between art and bees’ work processes. For these reasons the communication campaign was not composed only by a picture but by a series of pictures.

Miart creates also a network with the whole territory, through connections with other institutions and presenting on its website the section “70 different places in Milan” which are part of the “Miart week”, a program full of activities, openings and special events. In addition, in 2015 the online magazine of the event “Carnet de Miart” has been launched with the aim to debate around themes like production, conservation and circulation of art, focusing on fair. It also presents updates and previews of the events in Milan and the most interesting places to visit before, during or after the fair itself.

Applications for Miart 2016 are closed and will open as from July 2016.

Where: Pad. 3, Gate 5 – Fieramilanocity - Viale Scarampo - 20149 Milan

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