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Industry Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals
Founded 1896
Headquarters Basel, Switzerland
Area Served Worldwide
Founder Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche
CEO Dr Severin Schwan
Chairman Dr Christoph Franz
Products Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals
Market Value 258.542,1m$ (2014)
Employees 85,080 (2014)

About Roche

As a research-focused healthcare company, Roche discovers and develops innovative medicines and diagnostic tests. Combining their strength in diagnostics and pharmaceuticals, the company specializes in personalized healthcare and targeted treatment. With 14 biopharmaceuticals on the market, Roche is also the world’s biggest biotech company. Roche is the leading provider of cancer medications and the market leader in in-vitro diagnostics (IVDs).

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy

Since its formation in 1896, Roche has been an active supporter of cultural projects and ground-breaking contemporary art. The company’s focus is on music; nevertheless visual arts and architecture also constitute its fields of interest. Roche’s commitment to support and respect the human rights of its employees - as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights- is embodied in its Corporate Principles and Employment Policy. The company aims to meet high ethical standards and to work in accordance with all applicable local, national and international laws. Roche’s engagement in social responsibility is demonstrated through philanthropic donations and non-commercial sponsorship.

Employment Policy

Roche employs more than 85,000 people in over 150 countries. Any form of discrimination based on gender, race, age, skin color, nationality, religion, marital status, sexual preference, background, physical or mental disability, or any other grounds is not tolerated. The company promotes an inclusive policy. As an important part of the company’s diversity policy, women make up about half of the overall workforce; the goal to have at least 20% of women in key positions was achieved in 2013. Furthermore, there are over 139 nationalities represented among the company’s employees; 88 of them at the company’s headquarters in Basel only. Roche has a global career portal allowing potential employees to conduct a global job search. Besides that, the company has global development programs designed to promote independent thought and continuous exchange of ideas among employees of the different subsidiaries. The global expansion of the company’s reach has emphasized the importance of the international and intercultural competence of the employees. Having global mobility as one of the requirements in selecting leadership candidates, Roche assists employees and their families before, during and after their assignment abroad in order to ease the transition into new environments and cultures.


International Internship Programs

Roche does not have a specific International Internship Program but it offers a number of international internship opportunities and apprenticeships. The company offers 850 training positions for over 20 different professions.

Grants and Scholarships

The company offers the Roche MBA Fellowship Program which provides scholarships for talented scientists who want to gain a business degree. In 2013, Roche provided support to numerous patient group organizations. In cooperation with the Fondation canadienne du foie, Roche offered educational grants to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Roche provides grants to artistic and cultural organizations that are in need of additional funding.

Notable activities

Activities in the Field of Humanitarian Aid

Roche directs the majority of its philanthropic donations to humanitarian and social projects, while cooperating with local NGOs. The company operates globally, but it is its local affiliates in over 150 countries that are responsible for majority of the philanthropic activities. On the international level, Roche collaborates with established groups on a limited number of long-term philanthropic projects. Furthermore, Roche’s Corporate Donations and Philanthropy (CDP) group is responsible for the support of international philanthropic activities. For example, CDP is responsible for international projects such as: Transnet-Phelophepa Health Care trains, Roche Children’s Walk and EDUCARE. CDP has also engaged in rebuilding activities following major natural disasters.

Supporting Music & Visual Arts

Roche Commissions, launched in 2003, is a collaboration among Roche, the Lucerne Festival and the Lucerne Festival Academy. On the recommendation of the artistic directors of its partner institution, Roche biannually commissions a new musical work from a renowned contemporary composer. Moreover, recently the Composer Project was launched. Roche, in collaboration with the Salzburg Festival, organizes Roche Continents; a program gathering up to 100 university and college science and arts students from across Europe to attend contemporary music events. In addition, Roche sponsors the Salzburg Contemporary series and in 1996 donated a museum to its home city of Basel. The museum, designed by world-renowned Swiss architect Mario Botta features the work of Swiss sculptor Jean Tinguely.

Promoting Human and Civil Rights

A section dedicated to Human Rights and Roche Group Code of Conduct, both available at the company’s website, demonstrates their commitment to Human and Labor Rights. Human rights as defined by the United Nations are embodied in the company’s Corporate Principles and Employment Policy. Roche’s policies and projects in the area of Human/Labor Rights are outlined the Annual Report. Roche acknowledges the United Nation’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. It also recognizes and follows the United Nations Global Compact and the international standard ISO 26000 guidance on social responsibility. The company has been recognized for their public commitment to human rights.

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