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The former concert player, Lanny Cordola, founded the school of rock in Kabul for underprivileged girls

August 11th, 2016

Valentina De Gregorio, CD News

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Lanny Cordola is a former guitarist from Los Angeles. After playing non-stop in the 80’s and 90’s on several American stages with different rock bands, he decided to stop touring and dedicate his time to teaching children how to play guitar in Kabul For two years now, he provided underprivileged girls the great opportunity to learn to play an instrument against the background of a country torn apart the way and marked by frequent suicide attacks.

The number of girls attending the school has definitely increased, from 20 to 50 students. The young pupils normally learn to play West bands tracks’, but also songs about hope and peace belonging to their cultural tradition. The event that moved Lanny Cordola to undertake this long path from the United Stated to Afghanistan was the story of two little girls, Parwana and Khorshid.

The two sisters were killed in a suicide attack in the Kabul NATO headquarter. Their smiling faces are now drawn on the wall of the apartment used for the school of music. Lanny’s dream is to extend his project into an international phenomenon. His hope is for the young girls to cooperate with other girls and children from around the world. This can be a great opportunity for underprivileged you.


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