Chinese Female Artist Includes Egyptian Themes in Paintings

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Artist brings creativeness and Egyptian influences to traditional Chinese ink painting[edit]

August 11th, 2016

Cristina Stoica, CD News

Chinese Female Artist Includes Egyptian Themes in Paintings.jpg

An exhibition featuring six Chinese women painter’s works was held in the Egyptian Ebassy in China. Ink paintings showcased the works of Xie Lifang, Luo Ying, li Daimei, Zhao Yi, Xu Qiping and Huang Huan. The artists drew inspiration for their paintings from their time in Egypt.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture of both China and Egypt, the artists traveled to Egypt to showcase their paintings at an art exhibition. They also attended a workshop in Cairo.

The event, an important aspect of the 2016 China-Egypt Cultural Year, aims to promote cultural exchange between the two nations. The goal is to educate artists about the culture and traditions of the respective country.

In the past, artists and individuals from all backgrounds did not have the opportunity to experience first hand the Egyptian culture. However, this cultural exchange seeks to change that.


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