Valeo S.A.

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Valeo S.A.
Industry Automobiles and Parts
Founded 01/1886
Headquarters Paris, France
Area Served Worldwide
CEO Jacques Aschenbroich
Chairman Pascal Colombani
Products Automobile parts
Market Value 11,198.2 m$
Employees 78,600

About Valeo[edit]

Valeo is a French automotive suppplier, that produces innovative technologies and parts. The company is a partner to all the big automobile producers. Valeo has its headquarters in Paris, where it was founded. The company tries to produce and develop technologies and innovations, that reduces the CO2 emission. Valeo has two main visions: reduce CO2 emission and expand in the high growth areas as Pacific-Asia or China. Valeo is present in 29 countries, has 1 research centre, 12 distribution platforms and 35 development centers.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

As the company tries to develop innovative technologies and its vision is to reduce CO2 emission, it means that Valeo cares about the environment and society. This CO2 reduction is achieved by using electric propulsion systems, reducing the use of energy by cars, reducing the weight of parts as well as by increasing engine performance. The employees are also very important for the Group and that is why they respect them and try to offer the best working environment as well as an international career.

Employment Policy[edit]

Valeo is present in 29 countries and 5 continents, including Europe, Asia, North and South America as well as in Africa. The female presence in the company is 33%. The employees of the Valeo Group are really diverse. The Valeo Group has 106 different nationalities. In 2015 Valeo is planning to hire 15,000 more workers.

Cultural Exchange Programs[edit]

One of the most important principles of Valeo´s employee policy is the international mobility. That means all of the workers of the Group can change the country where they work. Valeo sends each year 50 experienced managers abroad to transfer technologies, innovations, ideas, cultures and methods of work, while the company offers an international career for them.


International Internship Program[edit]

The company offers a lot of internship positions for present students and graduate students. These internships are available for everybody and in every country where Valeo is present. The company is looking for talents and future leaders and most of the time they are thinking about long term cooperation, which means that by absolving an internship at Valeo, interns have a greater chance to be hired by the company.

Grants and Scholarships[edit]

Valeo's grant policy is unique. Valeo publishes challenges for students in the field of innovations to improve the experience of driving, with the chance to win 100,000 $. There is also chance to apply for scholarships with projects in the field of innovations at the Valeo Foundation.

Cooperation with Universities[edit]

The Group is the sponsor of three big projects in cooperation with business and engineering schools and universities. In Asia, Valeo supports the association “SHARE” of the most prestigious universities in Asia and holds seminars in Bangalore (India). In Europe, Valeo is the sponsor of the “Ingénieur d´Audencia Nantes”, which is a study program of business for the graduated engineers. The second project in Europe is called “Elles Bougent”, which helps female students in the transport sector.

Notable Activities[edit]

Promoting Human- and Civil Rights[edit]

There is an Ethic Code in the company, that is based on the United Nations Global Compact, which is a project that protects the workers worldwide. That means Valeo respects all of the human rights of their workers, despite their religion, origin, gender of age.

Activities in the Field of Humanitarian Aid[edit]

Valeo is supporting a number of activities in the field of humanity. In France, they was sponsoring the project “Suze-sur-Sarthe", which was about the reduction of noise levels as well as the pollution of air. The project “Martos” is present in Poland, Romania, Morocco and Spain and promotes the benefits of multiculturism and diversity of employees. In Madrid, Valeo was the sponsor of a women sporting team participating in the “Race Against Cancer”. In Warsaw, they are trying to encourage its employees to donate 1% of their taxes to charity. In Mexico, they organised a collecting toys and blankets action to donate to charity. In Brazil, Valeo has an educational project helping poor young students to get education. In China the employees of the company participated in Diversity Week, that promotes human rights and cultural cooperation.

Supporting Sports[edit]

The Group sponsors of Mitsubishi at the Dakar Rally by offering technologies and innovations for the race. Valeo is also the general sponsor of Mitsubishi Motors and Motor Sports.

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