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Unicredit Group
Industry Banking, Financial Services
Founded 1473 (as Rolo Banca), 1870 (as Banca di Genova), 1895 (as Credito Italiano), 1998 (merge of many Italian banks)
Headquarters Milan and Rome, Italy
Area Served Worldwide
Chairman Giuseppe Vita
CEO Federico Ghizzoni
Secretary Gianpaolo Alessandro
Products Corporate, retail and private banking, asset management, securities trading
Market Value 8585.013 m€ (2014)
Employees 148.400 (2014)
Website www.unicreditgroup.eu

About UniCredit Group[edit]

UniCredit Group was founded after the merge of several Italian banks in 1998. It is one of the leading European commercial banks that covers over 50 markets, composed of more than 8,600 branches and over 148,400 employees. In Europe, Unicredit operates within 17 European countries with many more operations in other countries around the world. The group, therefore, benefits from a European identity, as well as from an extensive international presence and broad customer base.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

UniCredit has an important commitment within a socio-cultural and environmental context. One of their goals of sustainability focuses on a deep-rooted attention to those territories where they operate. Along these lines, the group is committed to supporting and encouraging talent, young people especially, in areas such as art, music and sport. This support encourages optimism and confidence for their colleagues and also for their customers. Investment in culture has always been an important part of their business philosophy. The company believes that “culture, when viewed as a strategic resource, can bring tremendous value and foster new ideas”, and that these new ideas become something fundamental to innovation and economic growth. At the same time, they are involved in initiatives focused on supporting the environment.

Employment Policy[edit]

The Human Resources strategy that the company follows is meant to adapt to the current economic and regulatory environment, as well as to the technological innovations related to their business. Therefore, they work to consolidate their performance management processes as well as to develop consistent standards for all their colleagues. The group also believes in diversified organization, in order to create value for their employees, as well as for their customers, communities and shareholders. This allows them to understand different client needs, business opportunities and different cultures. To do so, they strive to promote gender balance within the group and to offer support to people with disabilities. During the year 2013, the group employed over 148,000 full-time workers within the territories where the company operates.

Cultural Exchange Programs[edit]

The group supports young talent and creativity in music and visual arts. They, therefore, operate in order to provide support to the contemporary art system, “where interactions between artists, collectors, auction houses, galleries, critics and the art press serve to spotlight new talent”.


The company, thinking and acting on an international scale, looks for students and graduates worldwide whose aim is working in a banking group.

International Internship Programme[edit]

UniCredit offers several International Internship Programmes for the period of three months and in those countries where the group operates.

Grants and Scholarships[edit]

UniCredit offers scholarships, fellowships and other grants to European citizens providing investment in their future, both helping them to advance in their studies and to help participate in one of the Internship the group offers.

Cooperation with universities[edit]

The group has partnerships with many universities and business schools all over Europe. For these matters, UniCredit established in 2009 a foundation called UniCredit & Universities, whose aim is to support studies and research in the field of economics and finance. In these lines, the group provides scholarships, fellowships and awards for young European talents The universities included in this program are the ones that follow:

Austria: University of Vienna Vienna University of Economics and Business

Germany: ESCP Europe Berlin Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich Technical University of Munich

Italy: Catholic University of the Sacred Heart Milan ESCP Turin LUISS Guido Carli Polytechnic of Milan University of Bocconi University of Trento

Poland: Kozminski University University of Warsaw Warsaw School of Economics

UK: ESCP Europe London London School of Economics

Notable Activities[edit]

“Art is a vehicle for messages of broad-mindedness and innovation, Sport mobilizes energies for a sharing of ideas and values, being committed to communities and environment enables us to participate in building progress for society: such initiatives activate the potential of individuals and promotes relational dynamics”.

Promoting Human and Civil Rights[edit]

The group seeks to work with many companies and organizations that focus their work in Human and Civil Rights, both Italian and European. In 2003 the group created “UniCredit Foundation”, that aims to contribute to the development of solidarity and philanthropy in those areas where the company operates. The main areas of intervention of this foundation are Centre of philanthropic competences, Supporting social inclusion, Initiative for UniCredit employees

Supporting Music and Visual Arts[edit]

The group, as mentioned before, supports art and aims to express their philosophy and share it with those who see a value in differences and in cultural exchange. Art is seen as a way to interact with others and a way to gain fresh perspectives. Therefore, the group has an art collection of over 60,000 pieces and are involved in the support of new talents as well as several related activities launched by some other corporations. Regarding music, they promote programmes that encourage musical creativity, talented young musicians, and engage in significant partnerships with national and local institutions.

Supporting Sports[edit]

UniCredit helps to bring out the best in sports throughout Europe. In these lines, the group supports and sponsors several teams in the field of sports. UniCredit is one of the official sponsors of the UEFA, as an example.

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