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Industry Banking
Founded 1862
Headquarters Zürich and Basel, Switzerland
Area Served Worldwide
CEO Sergio Ermotti
Chairman Axel A. Weber
Products Retail Banking,Asset Management, Investment Banking
Market Value 79 420,6 m$
Employees 60,000 (2014)

About UBS[edit]

UBS is a global bank which originates from Switzerland. It is present in over 50 countries spanning over 150 years in existence. They offer services in Wealth Management which involves the provision of comprehensive financial services to wealthy private clients around the world. Additionally, they It provide financial products and services embedded in a true multi-channel experience, offering clients convenient access and consistently enhances the range of life-cycle products and services offered to clients. Their Investment Bank provides corporate, institutional, and wealth management clients with expert advice, innovative financial solutions, outstanding execution and comprehensive access to the world’s capital markets.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

The UBS Optimus Foundation is a charitable scheme that aids children all around the world with the focus on helping to break down the barriers that may prevent children from reaching their full potential. They do so by funding the preschool or Early-education programmes for children from many countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. UBS supports the idea of protecting children thereby conducting research in areas such as childcare or health. They offer healthcare solutions based on their research and therefore reducing high mortality rates in mums and babies. Additionally, they also offer reformulating healthcare and nutritional solutions to suit kids and ensure that, these solutions reach communities, irrespective of remoteness and and level of poverty. UBS are immersed to the extent of working with native experts and front line health workers who understand the local conditions which affect a community's health-this cooperation ensures that better and lasting solutions are reached.

Employment Policy[edit]

UBS has a global workforce including the Asian and European continents. The firm encourages a culture of strong performance, personal accountability and individual development. They offer a performance management framework which involves regular opportunities for employee-manager dialogue, consistent assessment processes and clear links between performance, behavior and outcomes. UBS aims to support their employees and leaders in order for them to acquire what they need to excel in their roles, thus progressing in their careers. This firm has gained many employer awards including the award for the "Global Top 50" World's Most Attractive Employers 2009-2014 (Universum). Additionally they offer flexible working models and generous maternity and paternity provisions, together with a wide range of offers in the areas of sport and catering, which contributes to the work-life balance and health of employees.


As mentioned above UBS help in the preschool education of children from underprivileged backgrounds in isolated communities all around the world.

International Internship Programs[edit]

UBS offers internship programmes in several countries across several continents. They provide internship programmes for MBA students, pre-internship insights, industrial placement opportunities as well as summer internship schemes.

Grants and Scholarships[edit]

The UBS International Center of Economics in Society awards several full scholarships to outstanding international graduates to encourage them to indulge in doctoral studies at the Zurich Graduate School of Economics. Additionally UBS offers the Diversity Scholarship Programme.

Notable Activities[edit]

Activities in the Field of Humanitarian Aid[edit]

UBS provides efforts towards the sustainable development of societies and communities, including community investment and employee volunteering activities which are focused on education and entrepreneurship and complements their client-focused platform. For example their response to the devastation in the Philippines caused by Typhoon Haiyan whereby with the combination of donations of clients and employees support was provided in the devastated areas. In addition to that UBS clients in Switzerland, Hong Kong and Germany were amongst the many who made donations to the disaster relief program of UBS's independent grant-making foundation.

Supporting Music and Visual Arts[edit]

UBS Culture Foundation supports artists of Swiss nationality, foreign artists with permanent residence in Switzerland, cultural projects by professionals that focus on Switzerland as well as the acquisition of significant works and objects by art or cultural-historical museums in Switzerland. They offer grants in the following fields: "Visual Arts". Within this sector the UBS Culture Foundation awards "promotion grants", "acknowledgement grants" and "yearly grants". The foundation board makes the decision on the eligibility of the project and in what form funding is to be awarded. Additionally, the foundation board has the authority to support artists of its own choosing considered worthy of promotion. In decision-making board members relies principally on specific list of criteria such as; The creative work of contemporary artists, Artists of national or international standing applying innovative approaches, Artistic perspectives that generate a sustainable and public impact, Art museums in the acquisition of significant works in terms of artistic quality, art historical relevance and public potential.

Supporting Film Industry[edit]

The UBS Culture Foundation supports the production of cinema documentaries. However for an applicant to qualify the must meet UBS Culture Foundation´s criteria. For example one must: Production of professional cinema documentaries, Projects that do not exceed a budget limit of 1 million Swiss francs, Producers and filmmakers with a proven track record, Projects of cultural relevance and sustained public significance.

Supporting Sports[edit]

With regards to sports UBS sponsors and is a partner of [Formula 1- the motor sports competition]. They have been a sponsor since 2010.

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