Rangold Resources

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Rangold Resources
Rangold Resources
Industry Mining
Founded 1995
Headquarters Saint Helier, Jersey
Area Served Ivory Coast, Mali, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal
Chairman Philippe Liétard
CEO Mark Bristow
Products Gold
Market Value 6 942,7 million $
Employees 15 000 (2013)
Website www.rangoldresources.com

About Randgold Resources[edit]

Randgold Resources is a gold mining and exploration company operating mostly in Mali. The Headquarters are based in Jersey, Channel Islands. Randgold Resources is listed on the NASDAQ and the London Stock Exchange. The company’s major interests are now in two operating mine sites, Loulo and Morila in Mali. Additionally they are interested in two mining operations under construction: Tongon in Côte d’Ivoire and Kibali in Congo.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

Another notable point for the company in the field of cultural diplomacy is Randgold Resources’s strong support of the host communities in which they have mining operations.

Employment policy[edit]

Working in the mining industry in some parts of Africa naturally brings the possibility of operations occurring in conflict zones. The company states in its Sustainability Report that all three host countries of Randgold’s currently operational mines have suffered a civil conflict over the last decade. Randgold Resources strongly supports the host communities which they consider crucial to the legitimacy and efficiency of their operations. The company forms community development committees which consist of representatives from women and youth groups. These committees are responsible for deciding on how to allocate a communal investment budget. The philosophy of ‘genuine partnership’ led Randgold to become deep-rooted in the economies of company’s host countries. To achieve this, Randgold Resources, for example, supported local and national-based suppliers and workers, joint ownership structures, infrastructure, and community-led investments in sustainable development.


In 2013, Randgold Resources’s community-led committees invested over 422 000 USD to education and approximately 222 000 USD on local economic development projects across all of their five mines.

International Internship Program[edit]

Randgold Resources offers an internship for students, helping them to gain invaluable experiences in the fields of mineable shape optimisation, development of infrastructure, equipment selection, financial analysis, mine planning etc. Interns can also participate on developing of different studies.

Notable activities[edit]

Randgold Resources spent 85 million USD on successfully completing a restructuring project near Kibali in 2013. Through community-led committees they have helped to improve vital health and educational infrastructure across all five of their mine sites. Their achievements so far are: 136 boreholes drilled, several health clinics built or equipped, nurse and midwife facilities and the construction of 91 new classrooms funded. Around the Loulo-Gounkoto area there are more than 3 000 children in school now compared to just 297 in 2005.

Promoting Human and Civil Rights[edit]

Randgold Resources supports the protection of universal human rights in conducting its business. In particular, the company raises awareness of human rights issues among its employees, its contractors and sub-contractors. Randgold also works with governments, NGOs, suppliers and other business partners to guarantee human rights are understood and managed.

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