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Pierre Bernard-Reymond (born January 16th, 1944) is a French Senator representing the Department of Hautes-Alpen and a member of the UMP (Union for a Popular Movement).

Bernard-Reymond also served as a Member of the European Parliament and the French National Assembly prior to becoming a Senator.

Political Career[edit]

Bernard-Reymond entered politics in 1971 when he became Deputy Mayor of Gap and a member of the Municipal Council of Hautes-Alpen. The same year, he was elected to the French National Assembly for the first district of Hautes-Alpen, where he remained until 1978.

In 1984, Bernard-Reymond was elected to the European Parliament for the PPE (European People’s Party) and in 1989, he became the President of the French Delegation at the European Parliament for the PPE.

In 2007, Bernard-Reymond was elected to the Senate for the Department of Hautes-Alpen. As a Senator, he has served on the Committee of European Affairs and the Foreign Affairs Committee.


Pierre Bernard-Reymond did his graduate work at the University of Grenoble and graduated with a degree in Economics and Sociology. He also attended the Political Institute of Grenoble, where he obtained a degree in Political Science.

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