Munich Re

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Munich Re
Munich Re
Industry Financial Services
Founded 1880
Headquarters Munich, Germany
Area Served Worldwide
CEO and Chairman of Executive Board Nikolaus von Bomhard
Chairman Supervisory Board Bernd Pischetsrieder
Products Reinsurance, Primary insurance, Asset management
Market Value 51.1€b (2012)
Employees 39,340.7 (2013))

About Munich Re[edit]

Munich Re Group (Münchener Rück in German) is one of the world's leading reinsurers; based in Munich, Germany. The groups combined activities include primary insurance and reinsurance. It stands for solution-based expertise, risk management, financial stability and client proximity. The group is a leading company in all fields of competence connected to the subject of risk.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

The group is strongly committed to art. For more than 130 years it has been sponsoring contemporary artists and supporting several events in this field. At the same time, climate change is a big concern to the group. Therefore, sustainability initiatives are always put into practice. Munich Re also has a Foundation, the Munich Re Foundation, that supports people in risk situations and helps them to avoid any potential losses due to that risk.

Employment Policy[edit]

Different mindsets, cultures and values among the group's staff is considered to be a key to the success of the company. Therefore, a policy of diversity was implemented in 2011. At the same time, achieving a degree of equality among the workers is something that the group is really committed to. The company is composed of over 45.000 employees (2013), spread all over those areas where the group operates. It offers students, graduates and professionals many employment opportunities and career prospects.


International Internship Program[edit]

The group offers several internship programs for young people and students that can be completed in any of its reinsurance and central divisions. Since 2014, the trainee programmes have been internationally oriented, offering widely varied opportunities to start a career in the company and to get to know the business.

Grants and Scholarships[edit]

The company offers many scholarships for those graduated students who wish to work on a PhD within the group. Students therefore can apply for a scholarship for a PhD that would be agreed on with the relevant department.

Cooperation with Universities[edit]

Munich Re supports university, school and a vocational education. Regarding this, the group has partnerships with universities such as Munich University. The main task of this partnership is to promote university research in the fields of science and economics.

Notable Activities[edit]

Promoting Human and Civil Rights[edit]

Munich Re group support many social institutions and different projects both in Germany and throughout the world. It is not only financial help that is provided by the company, but its employees also show personal commitment by volunteering for charity initiatives or taking part in sport events. One of the main focuses is to integrate people with disabilities within the company. Munich Re supports social institutions such as Pfnennigparade, AfB, ergo: Wir Helfen e.V (among others).

Activities in the field of Humanitarian Aid[edit]

The company is very concerned about the increasing number and intensity of natural disasters as well as about the changes in the environment. Therefore, the group is committed to the prevention and the protection against natural disasters, especially in those countries that are underdeveloped. In this regard, Munich Re cooperates with the Geo Hazards International (GHI) organization since 2012 in a project for the prevention of natural disasters in India, among others.

Supporting Music and Visual Arts[edit]

Munich Re has been working, for more than 130 years, on contemporary art, selecting works by international artists, and integrating art into the working world, in order to make art and its diverse forms accessible. In this regard, the company has a large collection of contemporary art and supports the work of several artists from all over the world.

External Links[edit]

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