EDF Électricité de France S.A.

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Électricité de France S.A.
Industry Energy and Utilities
Founded 08/04/1946
Headquarters Paris, Île-de-France France
Area Served Worldwide
CEO Henri Proglio
Products Electricity generation, transmission and distribution; energy
Market Value 73 611,6 m$ (2014)
Employees 158,76 (2014)
Website www.edf.com

About EDF[edit]

EDF specialises in electricity, from engineering to distribution and is the world's largest producer of electricity. In 2011, it produced 22% of the European Union's electricity, primarily from nuclear power: The company's operations include the following: electricity generation and distribution; power plant design, construction and dismantling; energy trading; and transport. It is active in such power generation technologies as nuclear power, hydropower, marine energies, wind power, solar energy, biomass, geothermal energy and fossile-fired energy.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

Sustainability is an important factor to promote cultural diplomacy and sustainable development is one of the most important values for EDF. Therefore the company’s engagement in Cultural Diplomacy is high, as they take care of the environment and in 2010 the company launched one of the biggest programmes of environmental and social commitments in electricity sector - set of 15 Sustainability Commitments. It explains how EDF delivers low-carbon nuclear responsibly, helps customers as well as builds a world-class culture and serve to the communities. Therefore in 2013 the company was awarded Platinum Big Tick status for their approach to sustainability.

Employment Policy[edit]

Diversity and inclusion is core to the vision and ambition of EDF. Indeed, EDF wins Race for Opportunity Award for leading the way on ethnic diversity among UK businesses. A large Nuclear New Build programme, which is dedicated to renewable energy, EDF Energy is leading the way towards a sustainable energy future. The company focuses on exceptional people with both a solid grounding in engineering and the ambition to shape the nuclear sector.


International Internship Programs[edit]

EDF has created EDF trading internships in order to offer the opportunity for young and talented people to do an international internship in one of the departments of EDF. This program is a real opportunity for people to acquire a first experience in a famous and considered company, and it is also a good opportunity for EDF. Moreover EDF supports students by offering scholarships, help with fees, cash for living expenses, paid holiday placements and long-term career prospects.

Notable Activities[edit]

Activities in the Field of Humanitarian Aid[edit]

A quarter of humanity does not have access to electricity. The EDF Foundation considers that it is of its responsibility to act. The program EDF HELP and the intervention in patronage of competences of employees, give access of the populations certain essential goods like health (electricity of dispensaries), education (schools), the security (favelas, shantytowns). These actions contribute to the empowerment of the populations concerned and ensure the perennially of the installations implemented.

Supporting Music & Visual Arts[edit]

EDF is sponsoring the event France-South Africa Seasons. This event has for aim to improving understanding between the two countries and projecting national images that are more multidimensional while emphasizing the modernity and shared values of the two nations. During this event, more than 100 concerts are organized with more than 800 artists. During “France-South Africa Seasons”, dance and theatre performance are played to promote the culture.

Promoting Human and Civil Rights[edit]

EDF is one of the founder members of the association Entreprises pour les droits de l'Homme, made official in August 2009, alongside 7 other French-speaking companies. Its aim is to bring together French-speaking companies committed to contributing in their activities to a respect for human rights and to the application of the provisions contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights drawn up on 10th December 1948. The association is currently working on the creation of a training course on the question of companies and human rights to be used by the managers of member companies.

The Pod sits at the heart of EDF’s program for greener schools. It was launched in September 2008 and was developed to help EDF Energy meet its Social Commitment of engaging with 2.5 million children by 2012. The Pod is an online program that helps teachers to educate children about energy, water, transport and waste. It has free teaching materials e.g. lesson plans, resource packs, information and games as well as providing a place for children to blog and to share pictures and films of the great work that they have been doing in school.

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