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Credit Suisse Group
Credit Suisse Group
Industry Banking, Financial Services
Founded 1856
Headquarters Zürich, Switzerland
Area Served Worldwide
CEO Brady Dougan
Chairman Urs Rohner
Products Investment and private banking, asset management
Market Value 51,660 $m
Employees 45,500 (2013)

About Credit Suisse[edit]

Credit Suisse is a Swiss -based in Zürich - multinational financial services holding company. The group offers four main services: Investment Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management and a Shared Services group that is in charge of providing with marketing the other three divisions of the company. It is an integrated bank that combines Private Banking and Wealth Management with Investment Banking.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

The group is strongly committed to supporting and sponsoring arts, music, films, sports,... It cooperates with selected institutions from all over the world as well as from Switzerland. These activities of sponsorship have been a part of the company operative strategy for over 30 years, believing culture and sports to be important values for the company.

Employment Policy[edit]

Credit Suisse aims to create an environment at work where its employees can succeed and achieve their professional goals, by providing different opportunities and having a policy of welcoming diverse points of view and people from any background. The group is also committed to providing equal opportunities, due to the belief that having a diverse workforce helps the company in fulfilling its commitments both to its employees and to its clients.


International Internship Program[edit]

The group offers an internship program that lasts for six months, for students and graduates who wish to be responsible for projects and tasks relevant to the companies activities. After these six months, the interns might be offered a role in the group’s Career Start Program. Credit Suisse also offers a Summer Internship Program only for students, and which lasts for 12 weeks and has the same characteristics of the one mentioned above. For further information: -CS Recruitment Page

Cooperation with Universities[edit]

Credit Suisse is strongly committed to investing in young talent. Therefore, it maintains regular contact with the best universities and universities of applied science worldwide, in order to recruit promising young professionals and offer them career opportunities.

Notable Activities[edit]

Promoting Human and Civil Rights[edit]

The group is committed to making a contribution to economic and social development in those regions where it operates. In these lines, Credit Suisse has become a partner with many non-profit organizations that have special knowledge and requirements in a local scale in different countries. The company works with 800 partner organizations all over the world, that are in charge of coordinating grants, donations and the volunteer efforts of Credit Suisse’s employees.

Activities in the Field of Humanitarian Aid[edit]

Credit Suisse carries out activities to enable economic growth and social development. Regarding this, they support education initiatives in emerging and developing markets of those areas where the company operates. In order to do so, it created an initiative named Microfinance Capacity Building Initiative, meant to “improve management training and development and foster product and process innovation in micro-finance institutions at a global level to give people at the base of the income pyramid better access to banking services”. At the same time, it supports several initiatives regarding education, providing over 45.000 children and young people with access to a high-quality education.

Supporting Music and Visual Arts[edit]

The group is strongly committed to music, supporting four cultural institutions from all over the world in the area of classical music: The New York Philharmonic, Beijing Music Festival, Bolshoi Theatre and Sydney Symphony Orchestra. In Switzerland, it also support major concert halls and festivals. Not only regarding music, but also art. Credit Suisse supports several art institutions, such as the National Gallery in London, or the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in Asia, as well as many museums in Switzerland.

Supporting Film Industry[edit]

Credit Suisse is one of the main supporters of the Zurich Film Festival since 2007. In this regard, the group seeks to promote the next generation of filmmakers.

Supporting Sports[edit]

The group supports sports in many different ways, but their main focus lies on the Swiss tennis player Roger Federer, who has been an ambassador for the group since 2009. At the same time, the company support Swiss football, golf and equestrian sports.

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