The Oriental Jazz Lures People in the Egyptian Embassy

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The Oriental Jazz Lures People in the Egyptian Embassy

January 29th, 2016


The Egyptian Embassy organizes special events for fans of oriental jazz music and will be doing so again on the 30th January 2016 at 19.30pm. This evening is organized to rejoice in the celebration of the 5th year anniversary of the 25th January Revolution. The opportunity to host the musicians in the house is due to the courtesy of H.E.Badr Abdelatty, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt and Cultural Counsellor and director of the Study Mission Prof.Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim.

The Egyptian Embassy in Berlin will host special guests. It is a great honor for the embassy to present melodies by talented musicians as Nasser Kilada Ranin. Such a special occasion will be marked by Nasser Kilada Ranin playing traditional Egyptian songs. He has an innovated style due to his jazz production being interconnected with typical Egyptian melodies and the Coptic leading tones. Ranin´s performance can be described as “the sound between the universes”. His music is full of feelings, spirit and also passion.

Nasser Kilada Ranin won award on 5. Creola Berlin Brandenburg for the best Egyptian chamber-jazz. Creola Berlin Brandenburg provides the possibility for musicians to present international but still typical traditional songs. It is a great award for the musician, who tries to spread Egyptian cultural jewel. The Egyptian jewels of his work are embedded in his jazz music and each tone describes feeling sand modern sounds with afro-oriental beats. Each of tones and melodies could be emphasized by atmosphere of Egyptian Embassy building, which is an epitome of an ancient culture. All around the red cube building are symbols with hieroglyphics. The embassy building was designed by Samir Rabie.

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