Orange S.A.

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Orange S.A.
Orange S.A.
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1988
Headquarters Paris, France
Area Served Worldwide
CEO Stéphane Richard
Products Fixed-line services, Broadband, Mobile and TV Products and networked IT Services
Market Value 39,136.4 m$
Employees 161,000 (2014)

About Orange[edit]

Orange S.A. is a leading telecommunications company with its headquarters in France. The company is present in over 30 countries worldwide, including Dominican Republic, Vanuatu and in the Middle East, and is one of the largest operators of mobile and telecommunication services in Europe and Africa. The company currently provides these services in 220 countries around the world.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

Since digital technology is a major element in making culture accessible, Orange profiles itself as a ‘digital driver of culture’ and actively promotes the exchange of ideas. The Orange Group furthermore supports and sponsors multiple major sporting events, music, film and other cultural initiatives. The company also works together with libraries, museums and cultural sites. The Orange Group furthermore puts sustainability and environmental protection at the heart of its operations, since respecting this is key for Orange in order to remain a global leader. Orange among others “contribute to preventing climate change, optimize waste management and make eco-responsible solutions available to its customers” (Orange 2014).

Employment Policy[edit]

The Orange Group currently employs 161,000 people worldwide, of which 101,000 in France. Orange is committed to diversity, equal opportunities and to ensuring that all employees’ contributions are rewarded. Within their company policy they have identified 3 priority areas, these being gender equality, employment of people with disabilities and supporting young people entering the job market in finding work. The Orange Group strives to have a balanced representation between women and men in its workforce. Orange has furthermore been named TOP Employer in different countries around the world, including Ivory Coast, France, Spain, Uganda and Romania.


International Internship Programs[edit]

The Orange Group is currently actively recruiting new people and is offering multiple internships and apprenticeships worldwide. In addition, Orange offers different training programmes, such as the Orange Graduate Programme. This is a challenging programme designed to provide Masters-level graduates in Business or Engineering a professional three-year training. The graduates must be extremely interested in the digital world and bilingual in French and English. The Orange Group furthermore recruits every year over 50 PhD candidates and postdocs on fixed-terms contracts particularly from the digital fields, as the company wants to keep inventing the digital future. Orange has also created ‘Student Partnerships’, were the company supports young people all throughout their time as a student. The Orange Group attends forums, conferences and fairs where they present their activities, answer questions, give student advice and offer them internships or work-study contracts.

Grants and Scholarships[edit]

In 2011, the Orange Group launched the ‘Orange Prize for Social Entrepreneurship in Africa’, which rewards “entrepreneurs who develop products or services that use ICTs in an innovative way to meet the needs of the African population, in fields such as health, agriculture, energy, education, industry and commerce” (Orange 2014). In 2014, the 10 finalists will for the first time also take part in a training program.

Notable Activities[edit]

Supporting Sporting events[edit]

As a self claimed ‘digital driver of culture’, Orange actively supports cultural activities such as sports, festivals and movie screenings. However, over the past years Orange has particularly invested in sporting events. The company was among others the official sponsor of the European championship, the UEFA EURO 2012 and has created the ‘Orange CAN’ (Africa Cup of Nations). Orange already sponsored the national football teams of the Ivory Coast, Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Niger and Botswana and has now signed “an eight-year partnership with the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to be the title sponsor of the continent’s six major football competitions until 2016” (Orange 2014). In addition, Orange was an official partner of the 2013 French Open/Roland-Garros and for the past 15 years the company has been a partner of the Tour de France. The Orange Group also works together with the internet portals ‘12th Man’ (12ème homme) and ‘Together with the XV’ (Ensemble avec le XV) that inform on the latest news on French rugby and football teams. Orange supports these portals in order to keep these sports alive 24/7. In addition, Orange was in 2014, for the 6th year in a row, again an official partner of the EDHEC sailing competition, one of the most important student sporting events in Europe.

Supporting Films Industry[edit]

Furthermore, Orange gladly takes on its role of sponsor and encourages successful partnerships with businesses, events and film festivals. For this reason Orange launched ‘Orange Wednesdays’. The initiative started in 2004 in the UK and has now been unveiled in France under the name ‘Orange Cinéday’. On this weekly day, Orange offers its customers two cinema tickets for the price of one. Orange was also the official sponsor of the 67th Cannes International Film Festival 2014.

Supporting Music[edit]

Orange Group also actively celebrates the central part music plays in people’s lives by supporting music events and activities. In 2014, the company launched ‘Orange Music Live’ as a new live streaming platform. The idea is to bring live music to thousands of customers and it will be available in eight countries across Europe. Orange also created through a partnership with RockCorps the concept 'Orange RockCorps' enabling like-minded individuals to discover and organize music events and festivals. After starting in the UK, 'Orange RockCorps' France was launched in 2009.

Futher Information[edit]

Orange created in 1987 ‘the Orange Foundation’. The Foundation lies at the heart of the Orange Group and facilitates their commitment to social and cultural activities in the field. The Orange Foundation has currently 7000 volunteers working for them, is active in 30 countries and has 1.8 million beneficiaries. The mission of the Foundation is “to create links between individuals, and in particular to make communication easier for those who are excluded for several reasons; health, handicap or because of their economical situation” (Orange Foundation 2014). In addition to this, the Foundation is committed to music and culture, and supports music festivals and initiatives that improve accessibility to music.


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