Ibero-Afro-American Cultural Festival to Take Place in Cologne

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The 13th FestibAAm art, cinema and music festival will take place from October until November this year[edit]

October 19th, 2016

Susanna Mancini, CD News

20161019 Ibero Afro Aamerican.jpg

The Ibero-Afro-American Cultural Festival, better known as the FestibAAm, is usually celebrated once a year. Born in Cologne in 2002, it is organized by an NGO based in Germany called ‘Amigos Iberoafroamericanos e.V’.

This NGO aims to promote the culture of Spanish-speaking countries, and prove that Latin America and Iberian countries represent a community full of excellent intellectuals, thousand-year-old traditions, awesome arts, and fascinating music. During the Ibero-Afro-American Cultural Festival, visitors will be able to experience the richness of these Spanish-speaking cultures while being surrounded by people from many different backgrounds.

This year, the major focus of the festival will be cinema. The big screen is still considered to be one of the most powerful communication tools, said the festival’s director, Don Nicola de la Barreda Molina. Over 60 movies and short films from 20 different countries will be shown, including from Angola, Argentina, Austria, Brazil and Canada. On Saturday and Sunday, a part of the festival will be dedicated to children.

A children’s theatre workshop will be set up and directed by the Argentinian actress Laura Spacarotella-Doño, in order to inform children about Spanish language and Latin-American culture. The festival will open with a welcome cocktail on Saturday, October the 26th from 6pm at the Don Tango Club in Cologne, supported by the Cultural Centre Antonio Machado. The Festival fame has increased exponentially in recent years due to the numerous sponsorships it has established over the past decade.

At the end of the festival, awards will be presented for best movie, best short movie, best director, best screenplay, best actor and best actress.