Deutsche Post AG

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Deutsche Post AG
(trading as Deutsche Post DHL)
Industry Electronics, Logistics and Information Technology
Founded 1995
Headquarters Bohn, Germany
Area Served Worldwide
CEO Dr Frank Appel
Products Express, logistics and mail operations
Market Value 45248.1m$
Employees 473,626 (2013)

About Deutsche Post AG[edit]

Deutsche Post AG, operating under the trade name Deutsche Post DHL, is the world's largest courier company. With its headquarters in Bonn, the corporation operates in more than 220 countries and territories. Deutsche Post is the successor to the German mail authority Deutsche Bundespost, which was privatized in 1995.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

Deutsche Post´s engagement in Cultural Diplomacy is high, having a code of conduct for their employees, promoting human and civil rights and being active in the field of humanitarian aid. Furthermore, they offer internship, trainee and graduate programs in different parts of the world.

Employment Policy[edit]

Deutsche Post has a code of conduct, which serves as an ´ethical compass´ for all its employees. The most important pillars of the code are respect, tolerance, honesty and candor as well as willingness to assume social responsibility.


International Internship Programs[edit]

Deutsche Post has a partnership with AIESEC since 1996. Deutsche Post DHL’s corporate divisions around the world offer AIESEC members the opportunity to take part in a 6 to 12 month developmental internships. Moreover, Deutsche Post offers a number of different trainee programs. Firstly, there is the Graduate Opportunities Worldwide (GROW) program. During the 18-month duration of the program, the participant is prepared to assume responsibility-filled positions at Deutsche Post DHL. The student also gets the opportunity to visit foreign countries. Secondly, Deutsche Post offers the DHL Supply Chain Graduate Program. In this program, graduates get the chance to join a dynamic global company. In this way they get to know different cultures. There are positions in European countries and in Middle Eastern and African countries. The third program is the Exel Supply Chain College Recruiting Program. This program is for recent college graduates from a diverse academic background. Participants learn about the business from the ground-up and get a management training that provides the skills and business know-how one needs to advance in the company.

Notable Activities[edit]

Promoting Human and Civil Rights[edit]

Deutsche Post respects the principles of the 1998 International Labour Organization ‘’Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work’’. Thus, they reject compulsory, forced labour and child labour.

Activities in the Field of Humanitarian Aid[edit]

In cooperation with the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Deutsche Post has established a global network consisting of over 400 specially trained employees who volunteer their time to be a part of the Disaster Response Teams (DRT). On call for deployment in US, Middle East/ Africa and Asia-Pacific, once their support has been requested by the United Nations, the DRT teams can be on the ground and operational at a disaster-site airport within 72 hours. The DRTs provide logistics support such as unloading cargo planes and warehousing and inventory of the incoming relief supplies at no charge. Recently, UN and Deutsche Post DHL signed a 3-year agreement for disaster resilience.

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