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Calle 13 is a band of rap-rock and rap fusion from Puerto Rico, led by René Pérez Joglar, aka Residente (Resident) and his brother Eduardo Cabra Martinez, alias Visitante (Guest). René is a singer, songwriter and producer, while Eduardo is a composer, arranger, musical director and multi-instrumentalist piano, melodica, electric guitar player. Their half-sister, Ileana Cabra Joglar, alias PG-13, is the female voice of the group.

The band is known for its eclectic musical style, which mixes genres, such as rap, rock, ska, merengue, bossa nova, Balkan music, Latin American folklore, Colombian cumbia, cumbia slum, candombe, salsa, afrobeat, electronic styles among other, often using unconventional instruments. At first the band was described as a group of reggaeton, but quickly distanced themselves from this style. Their lyrics are socially conscious, controversial and often satiric, relying more on the message than on common stereotypes such as the misogynistic view of women or advocacy of violence. The band is also known for their satirical lyrics and a social commentary on issues of culture and Latin American politics and world affairs. The band won 19 Latin Grammy Awards in 2011 and five Grammy Awards in 2014, thus receiving the most urban music Grammys.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

Humanitarian Causes and Philanthropic Donations[edit]

Calle 13 has led and participated in several philanthropic campaigns in Latin America. On 24 November 2010, the band performed in a concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina entitled "Intimate and interactive." Organized by MuchMusic, powder milk boxes were exchanged for tickets, which were then donated to soup-kitchens through the organization Semiyero. That same year they participated in a free festival in the Plaza de Mayo in order to seek justice for the murder of Argentine leftist Workers Party activist Mariano Ferreyra. In July 2012, along with MTV Exit and UNICEF, the band released the documentary ‘Invisible Slaves’, speaking about human trafficking in Latin America. The documentary was also presented at Casa de America in Madrid, Spain. Also, with the support of UNICEF, the same year they launched a campaign with Amnesty International against the carrying of weapons in Puerto Rico and Latin America. The launch of the campaign coincided with that of his video for the single ‘The bullet’, led by Colombian Simon Brand. On November 25, they participated in the Festival of the City of Durango, Mexico, where five hundred tickets for the concert were exchanged for winter clothes donated for needy families.

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