ARM Holdings

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ARM Holdings
Industry Electronics and Information Tech
Founded November 27th, 1990
Headquarters Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
Area Served Worldwide
CEO Simon Segars
Chairman Stuart Chambers
Products Microprocessor designs and graphics processing unit
Market Value 23.442,5 m$
Employees 3.244

About ARM Holdings[edit]

ARM Holdings is a British multinational semiconductor and software design company that was founded in November 1990 and is located in Cambridge. Their technology is now used in some capacity by 75% of the world’s population, with chips based on our technology driving billions of products every day. Currently, over 50 billion ARM-based chips have already been shipped, along with the 2.5 billion shipped by Partner companies every quarter. The technology created by ARM Holdings is used in 95% of smartphones, 80% of digital cameras and 35% of all electronic devices. ARM Holding’s revenue in 2013 was £714.6 million.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

The company ARM Holdings, has a number of offices located in various places around the world. Therefore, it provides its employees with a diverse working environment. Due to the fact the company has an international team, it hosts an number of internal conferences which bring their employers from around the world together. The two internal conferences they run are the ‘Global Graduate Conference‘ and the ‘Global Engineering Conference‘. These conferences are intended to provide attendes with the opportunity to network as well as encouraging debate and the sharing of pre-existing knowledge. Additionally, ARM hosts a number of recruitment events around the world. The company also offers a number of outreach programs which involves its employees taking part in a number of activities which include cycling, races, marathons, cake sales, golf competitions and volounteer days.

Employment Policy[edit]

ARM is dedicated to hiring people solely on merit and ability. Therefore, it is committed to ensuring it protects job applicants from being subject to unlawful discrimination. This includes providing a transparent process in which candidates are given an equal opportunity. ARM is dedicated to the prevention of discrimination based on political affiliation, race, creed, religion, age and sexual orientation. The company has its own Human Rights and Ethical Trading Policy in which it expects its suppliers to abide by.


Internship Program[edit]

ARM provides students with a number of opportunities through a series of internships and engineering placements. They provide placements in a number of departments including: Administration, Sales, Marketing and Legal departments. ARM currently provides a number of scholarships for those who study in British universities. If you study a BEng or MEng degree in electronics or electronic engineering from partner universities including: University of Bristol, University of Southampton, Univeristy of Surrey, Imperial College London, The University of Edinburgh, The University of York and Cardiff University, then you are elegible to apply.

Notable Activities[edit]

Activities in the Field of Humanitarian Aid[edit]

In 2009, for the first time, ARM participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project. The ARM is dedicated to encouraging its employees to help out in the local ARM supports the Engineering Education Scheme by providing technical Carbon Disclosure Project is an independent database. Its function is to record the climate change strategies and greenhouse gas emissions of major corporations. ARM is also dedicated to creating low power technology which allows their partners to develop smarter digital electronics products that can aid in controlling the environmental performance community. It does this by providing paid volunteer time. This means that employees who help out in the local community by becoming for example mentors to young people or governers at the local school are still paid for their time. ARM also maintains a policy that involves matching any funds raised for charity by their employees which ensures their employees raise double the amount expertise to students who are attempting to solve real world engineering problems.

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