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Volkswagen AG
Industry Automobiles and Parts
Founded 28/05/1937
Headquarters Berlin, Germany
Area Served Worldwide
Chairman Management Board Martin Winterkorn
Chairman Supervisory Board Ferdinand Piëch
Products Automobiles
Financial Services Volkswagen Financial Services AG
Market Value 119,119,8m$
Employees 572,800 (2014)

About Volkswagen AG[edit]

Volkswagen is a German automobile manufacturer headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. Volkswagen is the biggest automanufacturer in Germany and the second largest in the world. Volkswagen AG includes other car brands such as: Bentley (UK), Škoda (Czech Republic), Audi (Germany), SEAT (Spain) and Lamborghini (Italy). Volkswagen is the only car manufacturer in the world which has 3 models on the list of the TOP 10 Best-Selling Cars with Volkswagen Golf, Beetle and Passat. The slogan of the company is „Das Auto“ and the name of the company means „people´s car“. Volkswagen spends the biggest share of its money on research and development. It is the sponsor of the Bundesliga 1 football club Wolfsburg. Volkswagen has the most World Car of the Year Awards. It has 572,800 employees all over the world and their net income last year was 12,453.3 million $. Their Turnover this year was 270,614.7 million $.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

Since its creation, Volkswagen has tried to provide the best environment and opportunities for its employees. The company has a very international team without discrimination, focusing on the performance of the employee, not his/her culture, religion, age or origin. The company offers scholarships, internships and cooperates with universities all over the world to support the youth and future leaders. Its activities are based on sustainability and the company tries to respect the environment and society. Volkswagen offers its support mainly to music and the arts. Volkswagen also respects international and national laws and human rights. Thus, Volkswagen's engagement in Cultural Diplomacy is significant.

Employment Policy[edit]

Volkswagen has 572,800 employees. Of these, 424,964 work in Europe; 78,672 in Asia; 61,796 in Latin-America; 6,356 in Africa and 1,012 in Australia. The company mainly local workers, which means the diversity of employees is quite high. Also in Europe the company has offices and factories in 40 countries and 121 cities (Germany, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic). Volkswagen has subsidiaries in 40 countries and 121 cities, which means its’ presence all over the world is obvious. It is present in Africa, Australia, Asia, North- and South America and Europe where it has its’ headquarters.

Cultural Exchange Programs[edit]

Volkswagen offers their employees the opportunity to work abroad and get to know a new culture through a number of programs. There is the “Foreign Service Employees” program where the employees can work abroad for a short term period (1-6 months) or long term (6-12 months). With the program „International Professional Development“ (IPD) employees with high potential can work abroad in an international environment and improve not only their professional skills but also their language skills. Volkswagen also helps employees with families, so they can bring them too.


International Internship Program[edit]

In the Volkswagen company there are a lot of opportunities for Internships. They offer many job positions in all fields all over the world. For these positions students and graduates can sign up from all over the world. There is also a new program with Seat called „SEAT Education Plan“, where graduates can get work experience. 167 graduates participated this year. Last year Volkswagen had 17,703 Interns worldwide, of which, 12,611 were in Germany.

Grants and Scholarships[edit]

Volkswagen has a financial scholarship program. All the employees from the production or from the white-collar area can receive financial help from the company. Volkswagen also has its’ own foundation, which is an independent NGO funding research programs. There is also the Lichtenberg Professorship of Volkswagen, which supports young qualified workers in the field of research.

Cooperation with Universities[edit]

Volkswagen cooperates with a large number of universities, mainly in Germany, but also in other countries worldwide. They try to support young talent. Also university students can write their theses in cooperation with Volkswagen, they receive support from the company and all the necessary materials. The universitites that the company cooperates with are: In Germany: Technische Universität Darmstadt University of Cologne Technische Universität München Free University of Berlin Universitäten in Resende Slovakia: Comenius Universität Mexico: Zusammenarbeit mit Universitäten Projekt

Notable Activities[edit]

Promoting Human- and Civil Rights[edit]

The company Volkswagen is a member of the UN Global Compact program, which is the largest alliance for responsible company management in the world. The company strongly adheres to the Human and Civil Rights. They have defined their own „Code of Conduct“, „Social Chart“, „Industrial Relations Chart“ and Work Time Chart“. Volkswagen AG always makes sure that their accordance is in respect of the Intenational Labor Organization (ILO), Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and with the United Nations Treaty (UN) on human- and civil rights.

Activities in the Field of Humanitarian Aid[edit]

Volkswagen has many projects that try to help people and regions. Volkswagen tries to develop socially, environmentally and also offers job opportunities. The Audi Foundation for the Environment is a foundation in Germany, that promotes nature and environmental protection as well as science and research. Fundacao Volkswagen in Brasil is a foundation for social development. It has already reached out to 1 million Students and the young generation. The Volkswagen Work Force Foundation based in Germany offers social help, study programs and job opportunities for the Youth in the biggest cities where Volkswagen is present. Volkswagen Community Trust in South Africa is a foundation for health, sports and volunteering. Volkswagen Slovakia is a foundation for the development of education in the region. MAN Latin America is a project to help people with disabilities. Scania: Academy in Iraq is a cooperation with the UN with aims to help industrial development. Volkswagen India offers study and work opportunities for young talented people. Bentley: Volunteering for Hospice is a renovation project for London buses.

Supporting Music and Visual Arts[edit]

In 2013 The Volkswagen Group of America and the Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1 signed an agreement, which was renewed in 2015, to continue with international modern art exhibition projects and the expansion of the online education program. Volkswagen and The National Gallery in Berlin, Germany agreed a multi-year partnership to promote the involvement in the arts and cultural sector for the employees and for the public. Volkswagen is an active participator in the music sector. Volkswagen organises and sponsors many festivals. The company also spent a lot of money on music and sport events in the last year. There are many festivals, whose official sponsor is Volkswagen, like VW Bug Jam Festival at Santa Pod Raceway, North Norfolks Premier VW & Music Festival, VW Festival at Harewood House in Leeds and Whitenoise Festival at Euston Park.

Supporting Film Industry[edit]

Volkswagen is the main sponsor of many Film and Movie Festivals, such as: Berlinale International Film Festival, Film Festival Cottbus and Green Me Environmental Film Festival The new models of the company are often tested by worldwide-known actors and actress. The last time it was the new Passat, which was tested by the actor Adrien Brody and Presenter Lena Grecke. Also the new Touareg was tested by Ralf Moeller and Dirk Moritz.

Supporting Sports[edit]

Volkswagen is the main sponsor of the football club VfL Wolfsburg. The team is in the Bundesliga 1 and all the transfer and clothing sponsorship is financed by Volkswagen. Volkswagen is also a sponsor of many sport events, for example: VW Cyprus Cycling Tour, Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 and Paralympics, Beijing 2008 Olympics. Volkswagen also has partnership in Tennis with Brisbane International, Apia International and Kooyong Classic, and together they organize sport events. Audi, which is one of the main subsidiaries of Volkswagen is the sponsor of the Hertha BSC, Bayern München and Real Madrid, etc. football clubs.

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