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Tesco PLC
Industry Retail
Founded 1919
Headquarters Hertfordshire, UK
Area Served Worldwide
CEO Dave Lewis
Chairman Sir Richard John Broadbent
Products Grocery and general merchandise
Market Value 39.873,6m$
Employees 597,784 (2013)
Website www.tesco.com

About Tesco[edit]

Tesco is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer which has its headquarters in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. The company produces cash and carry/warehouse clubs and has convenience/forecourt stores, department stores, discount department stores, discount stores, hypermarket/supercenter/superstores. Tesco is also the second-largest retailer measured by profits and third-largest retailer measured by revenues in the world.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

The company claims to defend certain values and has listed three big ambitions and essential goals about social responsibility, sustainability, protecting the environment and supporting local communities. Tesco has a long heritage of working in partnership with charities. Since 2000, with the contribution of both Tesco's staff members and customers, the company has raised almost 70 million and donated over 475 million from pre-tax profits to charities and good causes. Given an example of Tesco's charitable work, food charities began in Poland over ten years ago. More precisely, at Easter, Christmas and when children go back to school , Tesco's staff members have been organizing food collections in partnership with the Federation of Polish Food Banks. It is notable that in 200 stores throughout Poland, a total of 162 tonnes were collected and distributed to those in need.

In terms of corporate social responsibility and sustainability, Tesco has introduced a series of actions on behalf of the interested parties, clients , suppliers , staff members and societies. Those actions concern the reduction of food waste globally, the reduction of global obesity and the creation of opportunities for young people around the globe. Furthermore, Tesco has focused its interest on the areas that are essential to all good businesses-trading responsibly, reducing its impact on the environment , being a great employer and last but not least to support local communities.

Employment Policy[edit]

Tesco employs more than 590,000 people in 12 countries. Age, race, sexuality, religion or gender are not barriers to an employee's success. As an example, Tesco has designed the Women in Leadership program, which has been designed to develop the confidence of future female leaders. Since its launch in 2010, 271 women from across its UK and European businesses have attended the program. It is on the business plan to further expand to India later this year and then to the rest of Asia.


International Internship Programs[edit]

Tesco has expanded its paid internship program for college students and offer opportunities for full-time employment after six months in South Korea. The company has also offered internships to young professionals in order to give them practical experience of working in retail.

Grants and Scholarships[edit]

Tesco has launched its new ExtraClass grant program which helps young people play an active role in their local communities whilst learning valuable project management skills. Two other examples: the Tesco Charity Trust is providing grants to people in need. Moreover, Tesco for Thais Foundation is offering thousands of scholarships each year to students who need support for 11 years.

Notable activities[edit]

Promoting Human and Civil Rights[edit]

Tesco has published a document about its human rights policy on its official website. The company has also published a document about how it is supporting decent labour standards in Tesco’s supply chain. Moreover, Tesco is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI). One of the company's main targets is to support and inspire collaboration between members along with great leadership and the right training so they are happy in the working environment. Tesco also wants to be a zero-carbon business by 2050 and to use scarce resources responsibly, including in their supply chain. The reduction of emissions requires constant focus. To provide this, Tesco has developed a state of the art energy management system, enabling 24/7 monitoring of energy usage across their UK stores. In addition Tesco has launched a water resilience roundtable for its producers. By addressing such a system, Tesco wants to identify and implement solutions which can have a long -term impact across the value chain and support water management, and efficiency projects in areas where the company has high sourcing demands and where water is scarce.

Activities in the Field of Humanitarian Aid[edit]

The Tesco Charity Trust donated £50,000 to Japan disaster relief fund in 2011. The same year, the foundation donated £25,000 to the Turkish Earthquake Appeal. Another example: Tesco has launched campaign for female education in Senegal in order to raise funds. Indeed, many of illiterate young women in Senegal will get the opportunity to participate in a literacy program, which is the result of the cooperation between feminine care brand “Always” and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Supporting Music and Visual Arts[edit]

Tesco Homeplus has organized a Painting contest “Protecting the environment and reducing food waste” in collaboration with UNEP Korea.

Notable activities[edit]

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