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TeliaSonera AB
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 2003
Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden
Area Served Worldwide
CEO Johan Dennelind
Products Fixed line communications, mobile network operator and internet services
Market Value 32,591.4 m$
Employees close to 28,000 (2014)

About TeliaSonera[edit]

TeliaSonera is a leading telephone and mobile network provider with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded in 2003, after the merger between the Swedish and Finnish telecommunications companies, Telia and Sonera. The company has operations in 17 different countries all over Europe, as well as in Central and South Asia.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

As companies don’t operate in isolation, business operations have both positive and negative impacts on society. TeliaSonera is aware of this and tries to be as sustainable as possible in addressing their economic, environmental and social responsibilities. The company’s sustainability work include, among others, taking care of employees, reducing the carbon footprint, safeguarding customers’ privacy, respecting freedom of expression, protecting children online, complying with ethical business practices in all markets, and supporting research that is related to exposure of electromagnetic fields (TeliaSonera 2014). Furthermore, TeliaSonera provides various programs related to cultural diplomacy, like the promotion of employee diversity and human rights. However, regarding cultural events the company sponsored only a few in recent years.

Employment Policy[edit]

In 2014, TeliaSonera has close to 28,000 employees worldwide. However, the majority of these people are employed in Sweden(32.1%). TeliaSonera recruits employees with all kinds of backgrounds, ranging from young graduates to senior professionals with a lot of business experience, and provides them equal opportunities, regardless of nationality, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation or disability. At the end of 2013, 44% of their employees were women, which shows the high value TeliaSonera puts on a diverse but gender balanced workforce. The percentage of female managers has also increased over the years. TeliaSonera also co-operates with the Danish Institute for Human Rights, from which they regularly ask reviews of their actions in the field of the human rights. The company does not accept any form of forced or child labour and sees to it that all employees are treated fairly and equally.

Education and Jobs[edit]

International Internship Programs[edit]

TeliaSonera offers multiple career possibilities for young people, such as trainee jobs, graduate jobs and internships. Even though the majority of TeliaSonera is employed in Sweden, in 2014 the company offered an international internship to participants of the “Diversity Challenge 2014”. In addition, students are able to apply for a summer job with TeliaSonera, either in Finland or Sweden. The company also actively supports students by means of career events and student fairs, an online library, where they provide free student literature for download, and thesis projects, where students can work closely with the company in order to develop and improve their project. TeliaSonera furthermore designed a Professional Program for people with professional working experience, an academic background and a strong personal drive. The Professional Program 2014 is according to the company “a unique possibility to gain business acumen and personal development” (TeliaSonera 2014). The insights, professional network and experience you receive during the program are unforgettable. In 2014, TeliaSonera also made a donation to the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE Riga) in order to contribute to Latvia’s higher education.

Grants and Scholarships[edit]

TeliaSonera Finland Oyj has its own Research and Training Foundation, which purpose is “to support techno-scientific and techno-economic research and publication in telecommunications, and to promote and further advance the education in this field” (TeliaSonera 2014). The foundation awards grants for studies or research related to the operator business field or new service innovations. In 2009, the Research and training foundation of TeliaSonera Finland Oyj awarded a total of EUR 40,000 in grants for postgraduate studies, research work and scientific publications. TeliaSonera and the TeliaSonera Institute for Entrepreneurship at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga also presented for the first time the Östen Mäkitalo Sholarship Award to the Swedish project SMSlivräddare in Stockholm and the company Icomera. Both winners will receive a grant of SEK 100,000. The purpose of this Scholarship Award is to recognize and encourage innovative initiatives in mobile telecommunications.

Notable Activities[edit]

Activities in the field of Humanitarian Aid[edit]

In the past few years TeliaSonera regularly supported the victims of various natural disasters by offering a fundraising hotline free of charge.

Supporting Music, Visual Arts and Sport[edit]

In addition to being the main sponsor of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013, TeliaSonera also launched the Super-Charged platform, for all Eurovision fans, as a definite source for the Eurovision 2013 coverage. On the platform fans find everything about the event. As a leading telecommunications company, TeliaSonera aimed to use their international network and technical competence to make the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest one of the most engaging, shared and connected. TeliaSonera has also teamed up with the online music service Spotify in order to enable their customers to listen to music when, where and how they want. In 2004, TeliaSonera Finland announced a cooperation agreement in order to support young talent with the University of Art and Design Helsinki and the Sibelius Academy. In 2005, TeliaSonera also invested in the ‘World Championships in Athletics’ and one year later in the ‘European Athletics Championships’, but in recent years no such sponsorships have taken place.

Further Information[edit]

TeliaSonera is very concerned with the well being of children and strives to make the internet safer for kids. The company takes a “firm stand against online material that is sexually abusive towards children” (TeliaSonera 2014) and will actively block access in this area of content on the internet.


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