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Telenor ASA
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1855
Headquarters Fornebu, Norway
Area Served Worldwide
CEO Fredik Baksaas
Chairman Svein Aaser
Products Mobile, Broadband and TV Services
Market Value 33,615.3 m$
Employees 33,000 (2014)

About Telenor[edit]

Telenor Group is one of the leading telecommunications companies in the world with its headquarters in Fornebu, Norway. The company successfully operates in 13 markets in 3 geographic regions which include the Nordics (Norway, Sweden and Denmark), Central and Eastern Europe (Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria) and Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Myanmar). Telenor provides a broad range of telecom-related services to consumers and businesses.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

Telenor respects diversity and promotes cultural exchange by means of its international programs offered to their employees as well as to students and young talents. The company also invests in a broad variety of cultural events and activities. In addition, Telenor puts great emphasis on corporate responsibility in order to remain sustainable. Within their corporate policy, Telenor has identified different key issues that need to keep being addressed, including environment and climate, human rights, anti-corruption, and privacy and data protection. In order to achieve this, Telenor supports various initiative worldwide.

Employment Policy[edit]

Telenor Group operates worldwide and employs people from different countries and continents. This is considered an asset since benefits can be gained through knowledge and ideas from other cultures. Telenor employs people regardless of their gender, nationality, religion or disabilities, and encourages a balance between male and female employees in executive positions and concerning internal leadership development programs. Furthermore, the company has an ‘Open Mind’ programme which aims to ensure that employment is actively offered to immigrants and to people with disabilities. Telenor Group recognises human rights as an integral part of their company policy. They focus on identification of potential violations of human rights and ways to address them and on finding possibilities to support human rights through their business. This respect of human rights is among others based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and the Children’s Rights and Business Principles. In addition to this, Telenor has started a project together with UNICEF to fight child labour in Bangladesh.

Education and Jobs[edit]

International Internship Programs[edit]

Telenor Group offers its employees the possibility to work in the countries in which the company operates. These employment opportunities abroad can be short-term, long-term or even permanent. In 2011, 260 of Telenor’s employees took on this opportunity and moved abroad. In addition, Telenor offers internships for Norwegian as well as international students. Students can apply for this Internship Programme as part of their MA degree. Telenor also has an agreement with Alarga (an organisation for talent recruitment) to target Norwegian students who have family backgrounds from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Central and who intend to enrol in an MA course in America (Telenor, 2014).

Grants and Scholarships[edit]

Telenor and Kon-Tiki Museums offer a joint scholarship called ‘No Barriers’ which aims to bring together researchers from different cultures. Telenor’s Thai mobile operation dtac offers scholarship and grants to farmers who made exceptional contributions to their communities.

Notable Activities[edit]

Activities in the Field of Humanitarian Aid[edit]

Telenor is also concerned with general human well-being and provides humanitarian aid to those in need. The company contributed to Serbia’s recovery after the flood in 2014. They ensured proper working networks for communication, organised the donation campaign, and provided access to internet since a lot of the essential information was shared through social media. In addition, Telenor initiated in Myanmar a ‘Community Outreach Programme’ to bring mobile coverage in distant rural areas in order to reduce conflicts and isolation. Telenor Serbia Foundation aims to solve educational and social problems in Serbia.

Supporting Music Events[edit]

Over the years, Telenor Group has invested in a broad variety of cultural activities. The company also offers awards for people who have made an outstanding international contribution to culture and innovation. These contributions can be in the fields of music, film, literature etc. In addition, Telenor has supported music events by means of sponsorship. They were for instance the main sponsor of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest that was held in Oslo. The company also made it possible for its users to download the music sung at the Contest directly to their mobile phones.

Supporting Visual Arts[edit]

Telenor Group has an art collection that includes more than 700 artworks. Those artworks are proudly displayed in the company’s headquarters, since an aesthetic working environment plays an important role in the employees’ satisfaction. Telenor also supports architecture. Through its Culture Programme, the Telenor Group has created the Culture Prize ‘Boundless Communication’ for people who have made an outstanding contribution in certain fields of art, including visual arts such as film.

Supporting Sport[edit]

Telenor contributes to sporting events through different sponsor- and partnerships. Their projects include ‘Telenor Cup’ and ‘Telenor Xtra’, which support football activities. Telenor is also the main sponsor of the ‘Skarverennet Ski Race’ which is a cross-country skiing event.


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