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Swisscom AG
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1998
Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland
Area Served Worldwide
CEO Urs Schaeppi
Chairman Hansueli Loosli
Products Mobile, fixed-network, TV and Broadband Connections
Market Value 31,843.5 m$
Employees 21,075 (2014)

About Swisscom[edit]

Swisscom is Switzerland’s largest telecommunications provider. The company was founded in 1998 and has its headquarters in Ittigen (near Bern), Switzerland. Swisscom currently employs over 21,000 people, provides mobile communications, fixed networks and IT Services generating an estimated annual turnover of around CHF 17 billion. Swisscom mainly operates in Europe but also has branches in the US, China, Russia and Dubai. The company considers itself as “one of the most sustainable companies in Switzerland and Europe” (Swisscom 2014).

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

Swisscom actively promotes a diversity policy, but regarding the field of cultural diplomacy, the company doesn’t sponsor cultural events that often. However, Swisscom tries to be extremely sustainable and put high emphasis on Corporate Responsibility (CR). Since the company aims to be one of Switzerland's most sustainable companies, their environmental and social commitments are an integral part of the corporate strategy (Swisscom 2014). Swisscom developed the ‘Sustainability Goals for 2020’ and named their corporate responsibility strategy ‘Hallo Zukunft’ (Hello Future). The CR strategy is based on six specific themes; namely, to contribute to climate protection, develop the WorkAnywhere program, have leading media expertise, be an attractive employer, create a fair supply chain and obtain a fully networked Switzerland. Swisscom “firmly supports climate and environmental protection, social responsibility, ethics and sustainability” (Swisscom 2014).

Employment Policy[edit]

Regarding age, background and language, Swisscom employs an extremely diverse workforce. Flexible working hours and childcare facilities allow people from different cultures to work at the company. Swisscom’s employees are offered “excellent working conditions within the framework of a collective labor agreement” (Swisscom, 2014). In addition, Swisscom highly respects human rights, advocates health and safety issues and combats child labor.

Education and Jobs[edit]

International Internship Programs[edit]

Swisscom offers multiple job opportunities to professionals, but specifically targets students and graduates and recruits them for apprenticeships. The company currently employs about 850 apprentices and has them participating in challenging projects. The goal is to prepare school leavers and recent graduates for their future career and to “offer them the possibility to gain valuable practical experience as working student or intern” (Swisscom, 2014). In addition, Swisscom selects each year ten highly qualified and ambitious graduates with an outstanding master’s degree and above-average degree results to participate in a 12-month Trainee Programme, in order to prepare them for a future with Swisscom. The graduates will be involved in practical projects and receive various on and off the job trainings, such as workshops. Further to these internships and the trainee programme, challenging jobs for career starters are always available in various fields at Swisscom.

Grants and Scholarships[edit]

Since 2007, Swisscom and the association ICTnet have awarded each year the Swisscom Innovation Award, which is a prize for outstanding degree dissertations in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT). The thesis can be written by students of Swiss or foreign nationalities, but must have been completed at a Swiss university. The Award contains a cash prize and professional recognition.

Notable Activities[edit]

Activities in the Field of Humanitarian Aid[edit]

Swisscom has a partnership with Swiss Solidarity, which has a fundraising campaign and raises donations for development and humanitarian aid projects in Africa. In addition, the collection of old mobile phones enables Swisscom to donate money to SOS Children’s Villages global projects.

Supporting Sporting Events[edit]

Swisscom has an extreme commitment to the country in which they operate, Switzerland. They support multiple Swiss institutions in the fields of sport, culture and business by means of sponsorships and long-term partnerships. Swisscom demonstrates this special bond with its country by supporting Swiss sport, such as the ‘Patrouille des Glaciers’, which is one of the world’s toughest and most demanding ski touring races. This year, the 16th edition of this ski touring race was held from 29 April to 3 May 2014. During the event, Swisscom provided a seamless GSM network along the entire route. As a sponsor of the Swiss Football League, Swisscom tries to make Swiss football more attractive. They also use Swisscom TV to bring live football to TVs, laptops and smartphones of all fans. Furthermore, Swisscom is the main sponsor of Swiss-Ski, in which elite Swiss skiers race in Swisscom-branded gear, and is also a partner in all World Cup events in Switzerland, where the company tries to provide the best telecommunications services possible. In addition, the company sponsors the Swisscom Junior Team, where they support young Alpine skiers on their way to the Youth World Championships. Swisscom also supports multiple national training centre, was a partner during the Swiss Olympics and Swiss Paralympics and organizes the Swisscom Nordic Days, the Swisscom Snow Cup, the Dario Cologna Fun Parcours and numerous other activities in order to promote recreational winter sports.

Supporting Music, Film and Visual Arts[edit]

Through cultural sponsorship activities, Swisscom supports music and visual arts in Switzerland. The company’s commitment to music becomes obvious by their multiple music sponsorship. Swisscom sponsors among others the ‘Ittingen Whitsun Concerts’ and various musicians of the ‘Energy Live Sessions’ in order to ensure magnificent concert experiences. Furthermore, Swisscom has a partnership with the foundation of the ‘Museum of Communication’ in Berne and sponsors the ‘Sasso San Gottardo exhibition’ at the Gotthard Hospice, in order to support visual arts and exhibitions.

Supporting Film Industry[edit]

In addition to sponsorship activities related to music and art, Swisscom also supports film events. The company is since 1998 the main sponsor of the ‘Locarno International Film Festival’.

Further Information[edit]

Swisscom has a strong commitment to the country in which they operate and supports Swiss Tourism in order to promote unforgettable travel experiences. The company has a partnership with the Swiss tourist board and supports events by offering services.

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