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Severn Trent plc
Severn Trent
Industry Water industry
Founded 1947
Headquarters Coventry, UK
Area Served Midlands
CEO Liv Garfield
Chairman Andrew Duff
Products Drinking water, Recycled wastewater
Market Value 7.261,9 m$
Employees 8,768 (2008)

About Severn Trent[edit]

Severn Trent is a British water company that is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Severn Trent was established in 1974 to provide fresh water to approximately 8 million people in the Midlands area of England as well as some areas of Wales. Severn Trent’s name refers to the two major rivers in this area, the Severn and the Trent. The company was privatised in 1989. Severn Trent encompasses a group of companies with more than 15,000 employees in the United Kingdom, United States and Europe. The most important companies within the group are, among others; Severn Trent Water and Severn Trent Services. Like all British water companies, Severn Trent is regulated under the Water Industry Act 1991.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

A sophisticated structure in the company combines behavioral science and lean management to help to improve the way the company operates. The culture, values and attitude make those tools effective. Severn Trent engages in [ cultural diplomacy] by achieving a right balance, which leads to benefits for all; value for money for customers; sustainable growth for investors; a healthy environment and support and motivation for the employees. Severn Trent aims to deliver a good overall service and value for money for its customers. The business is efficiently financed, with a strong and flexible balance sheet. Much care is being given to high standards of responsible business practice acknowledging the important role that they will play in ensuring the future of our water.

Employment policy[edit]

Severn Trent treats everyone with fairness, encouragement and respect. It is a fundamental aspect to how Severn Trent wants to operate as a business. Discriminating behaviour or attitudes are not tolerated, nor is coercion, intimidation, bullying or harassment, or threatening employees with verbal or physical violence. Rather, they encourage people to speak up whenever they see such things happening. Individuals’ human rights are strongly supported and the use of child labour is strongly refuted. The goal is to create an environment where one has equal opportunities to achieve their full potential, where diversity can flourish and everyone is respected, and talent is recognised and developed. A motivated workforce leads to the type of business wanted; engaged, productive and successful.


International Internship Program[edit]

Getting a degree at University is not the only route into an career with Severn Trent as they offer an Apprenticeship scheme for school leavers who are looking for an alternative. That being the case, Graduate opportunities are also offered a chance to work and learn alongside professionals with a range of experience and skills. Both routes into a career with Severn Trent give access to first-rate training and development opportunities. Severn Trent offers paid Apprenticeships across the business and region of operations.

Grants And Scholarships[edit]

People unable to meet the cost of water charges and who live in the Severn Trent Area can apply for help. The Severn Trent Trust Fund is an independent grant making trust first set up in 1997. The Trust is helping people out of poverty and debt, thanks to generous donations by the company’s subsidiary UK Midlands based water company, Severn Trent Water Limited. The policy and grant making is overseen by independent Trustees who ensure that the money goes where it is most needed.

Cooperation with universities[edit]

The Severn Trent Centre project in the Midlands developed a partnership with Coventry University’s School of Engineering & Construction, which is located directly opposite the site. Since launching the partnership, members of the team have organized a number of site visits for students from various construction-related courses.

Notable activities[edit]

Promoting Human- and Civil Rights[edit]

The Severn Trent principles are there to challenge and ensure work to the highest of standards. The standards are there to protect and create an environment in which fairness, integrity and respect are the norm. The whole company is responsible for keeping the values and principles alive and relevant in the day-to-day activities. As a company, Severn Trent promises to safeguard all those who defend the principles and ensure no retaliation is taken against them. All concerns are treated seriously, conducting investigations and taking appropriate actions where it is deemed necessary. Engaging in illegal activities or undermining the principles of the company may result in disciplinary or corrective actions, up to and including dismissal.

Activities in the Field of Humanitarian Aid[edit]

Every year Severn Trent Water invests around £1 billion in to the regional economy. A new report, produced in partnership with Coventry University’s Applied Research Centre in Sustainable Regeneration, entitled ‘Making a difference – the economic, environmental and social contribution Severn Trent Water has on the region’, shows the impact of this investment. The benefit goes beyond the customers, employees and suppliers and is felt by a wide range of businesses and people across the region. The main objective is to deliver excellent value for money for the high quality services they provide. But there are also mindful economic, environmental and social benefits that are contributed to. The purpose of this report is to highlight the impact and contribution and provide a basis for an informed debate about the future investment and business plans for 2015-2020 and beyond.

Supporting Sports[edit]

Many of the reservoirs offer the chance to enjoy the thrill of the open water in a variety of ways. For budding sailors with a sense of adventure, the reservoirs offer a range of water sport activties. The local sailing clubs have the latest information about the activties available with contact details can be found on the individual reservoir pages. E.g. Carsington Water has been a very popular visitor attraction since the reservoir was opened by the Queen in May 1992. The reservoir is owned and operated by Severn Trent Water and is part of a 'water compensation' scheme. This means that water is pumped here from the River Derwent at times of high rainfall, stored in the reservoir and returned to the Derwent when the river level would otherwise be too low to allow water extraction for treatment (and drinking) further downstream. No water is actually extracted from Carsington Water itself.

Further Information[edit]

Environmental protection[edit]

As a business, they depend on the natural environment for water. Acting responsibly towards the environment is not only the right thing to do, but it is also essential to maintain sustainable sources of water. They, therefore, wish to protect and improve the environment for the future, not destroy it. Environmental standards are set by the company that require them to go beyond minimum legal requirements and with the vision to continue to raise the bar for the future. They try to ensure that suppliers adopt similar environmental standards and controls. Severn Trent make mitigating the environmental impact a core part of what they do by building it into projects they undertake. They play a leading role in promoting water as a vital resource, communicating and educating consumers in water conservation; engaging in debate with regulators and other stakeholders to deliver a sustainable water industry.


Fort Washington, Pa. - Severn Trent Laboratories (STL), an operating unit of Severn Trent Services, Inc. (STS), has been recognized by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners as part of their Emerald Award Program. This is the 3rd year that STL Miami has received this distinction for demonstrating a commitment to protecting and preserving the environment. The Emerald Award Program honors businesses in Broward County that successfully fulfill requirements in one of three categories: Pollution Prevention/Hazardous Waste Reduction; Recycling; and "Green" Products or Practices. STL Miami was recognized in the Pollution Prevention/Hazardous Waste Reduction category for excellent archived sample handling and disposal. As part of their efforts, STL Miami has consulted with an outside vendor to explore ways to minimize waste generation and ensure that generated waste is stored and disposed of properly. "STL Miami takes great pride in being an environmentally-responsible laboratory," remarked Mike Spitzer, STL Miami's Laboratory Director. "We are honored to receive this award and have our efforts acknowledged.”

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