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Industry Brewing and Beverage
Founded 2002
Headquarters London, UK
Area Served Worldwide
CEO Alan Clark
Chairman John Manser
Products Beer, Soft drinks
Market Value 80.215,5m$
Employees 70,000 (2014)

About SABMiller[edit]

SABMiller is a multinational company which has its headquarters in London, UK. It is a Brewing and Beverage Company that produces beers, bottled water, fruit juices, malt beverages, soft drinks.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

SABMiller has listed ten priorities about its working policy concerning ethical and moral values that it wants to respect and promote. Indeed, the company wants to be involved in respecting and promoting human rights, transparency, supporting development in poor areas, the employees of the company is free to belong to unions.

Employment Policy[edit]

SABMiller wants to value diversity and equality. The company has also various initiatives for ensuring better representation for women and wants to support diversity in South Africa for example. The company has offices in United Kingdom, the Netherlands and South Africa, and has contacts all over the world (Asia, Europe, America).


International Internship Programs[edit]

SABMiller has only offered internship programs to young talented professionals at Kompania Piwowarska and Pilsner Urquell Brewery, which are subsidiaries of SABMiller.

Grants and Scholarships[edit]

“SAB Foundation” is offering grants. For instance, three people who have belonged to “Africa's Best Young Entrepreneurs” have been beneficiaries of grants on May, 2013. SABMiller is also offering scholarships to poor children in Africa, so they can go to school.

Notable activities[edit]

SABMiller is promoting sport and responsible drinking at MillerCoors. For instance, the company has supported sports activities through the “Twenty first Half Marathon Santa Cruz de Tenerife”.

SABMiller supports over 56 000 small businesses in South Africa to enhance their business growth and family livelihoods. Through its existing enterprise development programmes, SAB has to date, impacted 25 500 small businesses.

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