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Industry Energy and Utilities
Founded 1993
Headquarters Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Area Served Worldwide
Chief Executive Officer Yevgeny Dod
Products Hydroelectrical Power
Market Value 6803.1m$

About RusHydro[edit]

RusHydro is one of Russia's main power generating companies. The Company has over 70 renewable energy source (RES) facilities. The Company also owns geothermal power plants in Kamchatka and the highly maneuverable Zagorskaya Pumped Storage Hydropower Plant (PSPP) in the Moscow Region. Outside Russia, RusHydro owns the 561-MW Sevan-Razdan Cascade in Armenia. In addition, the Company's holdings include engineering and retail businesses. Since 2014, the Russian Federation owns a 66.8370% share RusHydro's capital.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP) includes 14 of the world’s leading electricity companies, RusHydro being one of them. The main objectives of GSEP are the development of a joint policy for sustainable power industry development; the organization of large-scale discussions of operative issues,related to: environmental protection, climate change, globalization and social policy; the exchange of experiences in the sphere of electric power production and use; the development of electric power markets and renewable energy sources (RES); and finally the providing of assistance to developing countries. Based on a decision by the GSEP Chairmen’s Summit, organised in Berlin in June 2012, the functions of the GSEP chair company were transferred to RusHydro for the period from June 2013 to June 2014. RusHydro declared that the theme of the year(each chair company declares its own theme of the year) is “Innovations - a Fast Track to a Sustainable World”, since sustainable development problems cannot be solved without new innovative strategies.

Employment policy[edit]

The key of RusHydro’s employment policy consists on the understanding that the corporation’s key asset is its employees. RusHydro ensures that there is feedback between its personnel and the company primarily through making their personnel feel that their professional achievements contribute to the company’s growth and success. In 2012, the Company employed 6,101 people, an increase of 1,4% compared to the year 2011. The average duration of employment at the Company was 10.9 years. In 2012, the average monthly earnings of corporate employees grew 6.5% and stood at RUR 85,256.

Cultural Exchange Programs[edit]

RusHydro has created their own concept of ‘Fast-Track Human Resource Development Concept: From New School to Workplace’ and also shaped an Implementation Program in regards to the previous concept. The Program’s cornerstone task is to foster engineering education, promote the prestige of technical occupations, and build and enhance an environment that helps preserve RusHydro’s staff of well-trained professionals. To achieve this aim, RusHydro organises several cultural exchange programs consisting of conferences and seminars from elementary, middle and high schools to professional adults to be trained based on RusHydro’s requirements. This is done so as to create a corporate environment that promotes the effective performance for the Company’s young employees. The ‘Energy of Education’ is one of those major projects carried out by RusHydro whereby they teach students and teachers about how to make better use of teaching materials and how better to convey information related to hydro-power. In addition, RusHydro organises cultural exchange programmes with different colleges, schools and universities. The Company has agreements with the Divnogorskiy Hydro-power College (the Siberian Federal District), the Perm Industrial and Commercial College (the Volga Federal District), the Saratov College Bridges and Hydro-power Structures (the Volga Federal District) and the Nevinnomyssk Energy College (the North-Caucasian Federal District).


International Internship Program[edit]

Alongside the cultural exchange programs that RusHydro coordinates, the company also offers student internships and further employment opportunities such as the programme organised in collaboration with the Sayano-Shushenskaya branch of the Siberian Federal University.

Grants And Scholarships[edit]

As mentioned above, the company’s persevering efforts on enhancing the prestige of engineering as an occupation has moved RusHydro to offer several grants consisting of payments and compensation procedures for the children of employees of RusHydro’s branches that are being trained on profile specialties and directions for the company.

Cooperation with universities[edit]

As previously stated, the Company cooperates with different universities, schools and colleges by offering internships,working experiences or scholarships.

Notable activities[edit]

Promoting Human- and Civil Rights[edit]

RusHydro’s big commitment to its employees welfare has lead the company to defend and promote human and civil rights within their staff. Therefore, they have organised and implemented a housing initiative called the ‘Employee Housing Improvement Program’. Thanks to this initiative, young employees under 30 years old have the right to participate and procure some housing. The program provides these young people who do not own a property themselves, or professionals who are relocated from different locations, and to key and highly skilled professionals.

Activities in the Field of Humanitarian Aid[edit]

The foundations of RusHydro’s activities in the field of humanitarian aid are the following: assistance of poor and needy persons, the disabled and pensioners; help of retired power engineers and workers and honored industry workers; aid to children’s organizations and institutions; assistance to medical institutions and healthcare organizations; and the promotion of the restoration of Russia’s historical and architectural monuments and the development of culture, education, science and sport. Among RusHydro’s charity programs, ‘Sail of Hope’ stands out. Its support to orphanages and child care educational institutions, charitable environmental actions, and educational and grant programs apart from the support to children’s sports, is recognised not only in the national sphere but on an international level. In 2012 RusHydro launched a new project called ‘Bron by Energy’ whose main focus is the environmental education for children and teenagers. On the other hand, RusHydro finds the preserving of cultural and historical heritage crucial, and therefore in the past few years one of their priority projects has consisted of collaborating with the Russian Geographical Society. In 2012, RusHydro spent RUR 1,353.8 million on charity and sponsorship activities. In regards to environmental matters, RusHydro runs several projects such as seminars during summer vacations, ecological changes, competitions and environmental festivals.

Supporting Sports[edit]

Among its wide range of projects, RusHydro gives priority to initiatives connected to sports. Thus, RusHydro organises sport competitions, provides fitness centers with the necessary inventory and equipment and carries out the repair and improvement of sports facilities. One of its main collaborators is the Russian Whitewater Federation. Back in 2012, RusHydro participated in a project to finance the activities undertaken by Football Club Alania and took part in developing the Children’s and Youth Football School of the North Caucasus and the South of Russia, reconstructing football facilities and engaging in stadium construction.

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