Plastic Omnium

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Plastic Omnium
Industry Automobiles and Parts
Founded 1946
Headquarters Levallois, France
Area Served Worldwide
CEO Laurent Burelle
Products Automobiles parts
Market Value 5.754.2m $
Employees 20,000

About Plastic Omnium[edit]

Plastic Omnium was founded in 1946 by Pierre Burelle and the first plant was built in 1963.It began by making plastic steering columns for Renault, but by the 70’s it had extended into the overseas markets. Plastic Omnium has 103 plants and has a presence in over 28 countries. Plastic Omnium Automobile focuses on a number of areas within the automobile industry. Plastic Omnium Auto Exterior focuses on external plastic elements for cars like bumpers and energy absorption systems and Inergy Automotive Systems provides fuel tanks. Plastic Omnium Environnement works within the waste containerisation, urban and road signage and urban planning sector. This includes the manufacture of wheelie bins, waste drop-off receptacles and data management systems.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

Plastic Omnium has a particular interest in cultural diplomacy in order to enhance their corporate potential. The R&D Σ-SIGMATECH Center is a center of design established by Plastic Omnium to “understand the needs and cultural identity” of Levallois, and to “propose custom made solutions adapted to the cities aesthetic guidelines,” and to “design a 3D integration in the city layout”.

Employment Policy[edit]

Cultural Exchange Programs[edit]

Plastic Omnium has no exchange programme as such but over 75% of its workers are based abroad with the other 25% being based in France. Plastic Omnium embodies the shared values that form a company, nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit, conviction, courage and high standards of corporate governance.


International Internship Program[edit]

Plastic Omnium welcomes interns from all over the world to partake in internships across their 103 plants.

Cooperation with Universities[edit]

Plastic Omnium hosts degree-granting apprenticeships and work-study programmes.

Notable Activities[edit]

Promoting Human- and Civil Rights[edit]

Plastic Omnium designs products with environmental and humanitarian goals in mind, recently winning its first major contract in its line for sustainable products. Rio de Janeiro requested the production of wheelie bins made from plant-based polyethylene derived from sugar cane.

Activities in the Field of Environmental Sustainability[edit]

Plastic Omnium is working towards creating a sustainable environment for its company. Their specialism includes working towards decreasing the weight of vehicles to minimise fuel usage. This is in line with the European aims to lower CO2 emissions. Every 10kg in weight lost results in a 1g reduction in CO2. Their aim is to strip 110kg from vehicles.

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