María Fátima Báñez García

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File:María Fátima Báñez García.jpg
María Fátima Báñez García, member of the PP and a parliamentarian in the Spanish "Congreso de los Diputados"

María Fátima Báñez García is a member of the Spanish People's Party, and holds a position within the current government both as parliamentarian and as Minister for Employment and Social Security.

Political Career[edit]

She graduated in Economics, Business and Law and became involved in politics at the regional level in Andalucia. She has been a parliamentarian since 2000, holding different positions for both the PP of Andalucia and the PP at a national level. In 2011, the PP won the Spanish elections and she became Minister for Employment and Social Security for the new government, a position that she still holds today.

External Links[edit]

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