LVMH Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton S.A.

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LVMH Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton S.A.
Industry Retail
Founded 1987
Headquarters Paris, France
Area Served Worldwide
Chairman & CEO Bernard Arnault
Managing Director Antonio Belloni
Products Clothing, Cosmetics, Fashion Accessories, Jewellery, Watches, Perfumes, Spirits, Wines
Market Value 75,922 m$
Employees 100,000 (2013)

About LVMH[edit]

LVMH Moët Hennessy-Louis Vuitton SA manufactures and sales luxury products. The company produces and sales wines and spirits, perfumes, cosmetics, luggage, watches and jewelry. The company was founded in 1854 and its headquarters is in Paris. Currently, the Company has more than 3,000 stores worldwide.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

LVMH is highly committed to ensure diversity in the work place. LVMH encourages employment of people with disabilities. The company created a “Handicap Mission” in 2007, over 30 companies are involved with this initiative. The mission gives support to human resources managers to facilitate the hiring and long-term employment of people with disabilities. In 2008, the company signed an agreement a French agency for employment of workers with disabilities. The company is committed to ‘cover integration, e-recruitment, training and career development for people with disabilities.’LVMH is the signatory of the ‘United Nations Global Compact, the French Diversity Charter, and the French Charter on Corporate Commitment for Equal Opportunity in Education.’ The company has partnerships. LVMH collaborated with the National Education Documentation Centre. The company distributed a special edition magazine on Nicolas Poussin to all French High and Senior Schools at the beginning of the 1994 Academic year. The initiative was repeated for the “Cézanne” exhibition in 1995. Additionally, LVMH has sponsored exhibitions since 1997, where over 12,000 children, aged between 7 and 12, have participated special workshops and educational visits. In order to guarantee human rights, the company has created a code of ethics and a code of conduct. The code of conduct has been adopted throughout the company. LVMH ensures that its partners conform in the fields of social responsibility such as ‘discrimination, harassment, child labour, remuneration, working hours, the right to form unions, health & safety, etc.); the environment (the use of technologies that respect the environment, respecting regulations and standards, etc.) and the fight against corruption.’

Employment Policy[edit]

As noted in the company’s ‘Code of Conduct’ LVMH ensures equality for all its employees in the area of employment and development, providing equal opportunities on objective criteria. Gender equality is a key aspect of its equal opportunity policy. All forms of discrimination are prohibited.


International Internship Programs[edit]

The company is highly committed to apprenticeships. The company sponsors less fortunate young graduates. LVMH has signed the Apprenticeship Charter, and has expanded its apprenticeship programs to help more young students to finish their degrees. The company has employed 859 apprentices in France in 2012.

Grants and Scholarships[edit]

LVMH also supports the "Pont Neuf" Association, which was founded by Mrs Jacques Chirac after the fall of the Berlin wall, to help young people from Central Europe or Russia study in France. Through its "Young Designer" scholarships, LVMH is working with the "Pont Neuf" Association, to support young student-artists from Eastern Europe.

Notable Activities[edit]

Promoting Human and Civil Rights[edit]

In its 2011 annual report on Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives, LVMH looked at initiatives on human rights. LVMH is committed to act responsibility in all its business sector and ‘to ensure that human rights are respected in all of its establishments including in countries where these rights are not sufficiently entrenched.’

Activities in the Field of Humanitarian Aid[edit]

The LVMH group supports numerous foundations and associations working throughout the world to help children. One being the The Paris and French Hospitals Foundation. The group contributed to the creation of the Cochin Hospital, Paris. In addition to this, LVMH supports the ‘Ear, Nose and Throat’ surgery headed by Professor Meyer, at the Hôpital Saint-Antoine, Paris, for his research on deafness in children and newborns. The Group equally offered aid to the children of Afghanistan, as part of the project to rebuild the Kabul Hospital. The company also supports the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. They have covered the costs of surgical and radiological equipment in 1995 and 1996. Also, LVMH supports The Save the Children Foundation in Japan.

Supporting Music and Visual Arts[edit]

LVMH puts a great emphasis on ‘culture,arts and heritage’. The company has created four initiatives to promote culture, arts and heritage: ‘Restoration of historical monuments;Patronage of major national exhibitions;Enrichment of major museums' collections; Encouraging contemporary creation.’ In 1994, the Group created the "LVMH Young Artists' Award", which was hosted during exhibitions sponsored by LVMH, that provides financial aid to art students around the world. In 1997, LVMH created a program for elementary school students: the LVMH "Discovery and Education" classes. In regards to music, the 1000 seats for young people project has awarded 16,000 concert seats over the last eight years to young musicians training in Paris conservatories. LVMH equally supports young virtuosos by lending them Stradivariuses from its collection and by organizing concerts to promote young talent. Similarly LVMH sponsored the reopening of the IRCAM music research institute. The company organises open days for young people. In partnership with the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, the company initiated a project called: "Students at the Châtelet Theater".

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