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Kerry Group PLC
Industry Tobacco, Foods & Drinks
Founded 1972
Headquarters Tralee, Ireland
Area Served Worldwide
Group CEO Stan McCarthy
CEO of Kerry Foods Flor Healy
President & CEO of Kerry Ingredients & Flavours Gerry Behan
Group CFO Brian Mehigan
Products Food Ingredients and Flavours, Cheese and cheese snacks, Ready meals, Sausages, Cooked meats, Dairy Spreads, Water and juices
Market Value 13.419,6 m$
Employees 36,000

About Kerry Group[edit]

Kerry Group is a food company that has his headquarters in Ireland. The Kerry Group is responsible for supplying over 15,000 food, food ingredients and flavour products to customers in over 140 countries worldwide. Additionally, the Group has manufacturing facilities in 23 different countries and sales offices in 20 other countries Kerry is by far the largest division, as its serves customers in over 140 countries and is able to produce more than 15,000 taste and nutrition systems. It also produces functional ingredients and actives from more than 100 manufacturing locations worldwide. Kerry is unique amongst its competitors due to the breadth and depth of its capabilities which include its insight and innovation; applications and culinary expertise; science and technology; and its rich food and beverage heritage. Kerry Foods supplies food products to supermarket chains, convenience stores and independent retailers across the UK and Ireland. It has 15 manufacturing facilities which are all based in Ireland and the UK. The products they provide include sausage, sliced bacon, sliced meats, pastry products, ready meals, ready-to-cook products, savoury snacks, cheese, cheese snacks, dairy spreads, low-fat spreads, UHT products, home-baking products, salads, sandwiches and fruit juices.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

Kerry Group engages with projects which support natural and ecological sustainability. The company also considers it vitally important to keep a good relationship with the local communities they work with. Being a responsible neighbour by driving and supporting outreach initiatives to the local communities is very important to the Kerry Group. Kerry Group is a partner of the International Program that aims to find solutions to world hunger in developing regions.

Employment Policy[edit]

Kerry Group aspires to be a responsible and ethical company providing a safe and healthy environment for its employees. The company makes sure that the Kerry Global Health and Safety Management Systems is being implemented in all of the Groups’ businesses. Respect for co-workers, suppliers, customers and partners is an unquestionable conduct at Kerry Group. Equality and diversity are very important.


Cooperation with Universities[edit]

Kerry Group offers a Graduate Programme via the Kerry Learning Academy. The Academy consists of a Leadership Academy and a Functional Academy. The Programme is designed to train young people for leadership jobs. The Graduate Programme forms the first stage in the Leadership Academy and provides formal training, but also brings talented experienced and non-experienced people together.

Notable Activities[edit]

Promoting Human- and Civil-rights[edit]

Kerry Group makes sure their employees are treated with respect and that their rights such as safety, health and dignity are respected. The company aims to Formalise its policies to be in line with the Human Rights Convention.

Activities in the field of Humanitarian Aid[edit]

In 2012 Concern Worldwide and Kerry Group cooperated on an initiative to improve undernutrition and mortality rates in babies and toddlers in the developing world. Kerry contributes €1.25m to the five year pilot project called RAIN (Realigning Agriculture to Improve Nutrition) in the Mumbwa District, Zambia. ‘Our Earth, Our Home’ is a project launched in Thailand in 2013 aimed at protecting mangrove trees. The Trees are crucial for coastal protection and ensure the conservation of the natural habitat for different plants and animals. Kerry focuses its charitable work in the Americas, in the communities where they live and work and is advancing the health, nutrition and wellness of children and families in those communities. Corporate giving, employee engagement, community event sponsorships and the United Way Campaign are the applied methods. The United Way’s Annual Day of Caring, a U.S based organisation, was very popular in 2013 under the (America) Kerry employees. The Day promotes “collaboration and engagement in local communities to support meaningful projects that advance the common good”.

Supporting Music and Visual Arts[edit]

Kerry group helps organise Listowel Writers’ Week. It is Ireland’s longest running literary festival, famous for bringing international writers and audiences together in the historical Listowel, Co Kerry. Theatre, music, cinema, art exhibitions, literary bus and walking tours are also offered during the Listowel Writers’ Week. In 1995 the Kerry Group created ‘The Kerry Group Irish Novel of the Year Award’. It is the largest monetary prize for fiction for Irish authors celebrating excellence in Irish fiction. Christine Dwyer Hickey, Neil Jordan, John Banville, Joseph O’Neill, Roddy Doyle, Sebastian Barry, John McGahern and Gavin Corbett are some of the previous winners of the award.

Supporting Films Industry[edit]

They had a product line of Harry Potter cookies that benefited a lot from the publicity around the films’ release in 2001.

Supporting Sports[edit]

The Kerry Group organises Rás Mumhan, a premier international cycling event. Teams from Holland, England, the Isle of Man, Italy and Luxembourg competed against the Irish teams, with over 180 riders registered in 2013. The event is gaining in popularity every year and provides an important economic boost to the region.

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