Imerys S.A.

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Imerys S.A.
Industry Mining
Founded 1880
Headquarters Paris, France
Area Served Worldwide
Chairman and CEO Gilles Michel
Products Energy Solutions and Specialties, Filtration and Performance Additives, High Resistance Minerals
Market Value 6782,5 m$
Employees 16.000 (2014)

About Imerys S.A.[edit]

Imerys S.A. is a French international company which produces and processes industrial minerals. Imerys has more than 16,000 employees and has operations in 50 countries with more than 250 industrial locations. It extracts and processes minerals and rocks on behalf of clients in the manufacturing and construction industries. The company operates 121 mines and extracts 30 different minerals. Imerys reached sales of almost €3.9 billion in 2012. The company specialises in the mining and distribution of industrial minerals and is organised into four operating divisions better described in Product.

Employment Policy[edit]

Imerys has 16,000 employees. Imerys gives a lot of importance to the quality training for its employees, to foster communication and efficiency and to provide development opportunities for all employees. Imerys encourages operation managers to roll out new movements, particularly on safety, for the least skilled employees. Imerys enables every employee to develop their talents and careers. The company’s Human Resources Department offers specific Imerys training programs in areas which are necessary for the Group (e.g. finance, geology, project management, industrial marketing). The company also uses decentralized organization, because they believe that it encourages responsibility and responsiveness among teams.


International Internship Program[edit]

The Filtration & Performance Additives business group offers a scholarship and internship program in the USA of at least 10 weeks. The North America scholarship program provides financial support to undergraduate and postgraduate students in North America with the selection committee choosing five to six students each year.

Cooperation with Universities[edit]

The Imerys group collaborates with universities in Europe, North & South America, Asia and Africa. The Human Resources managers are attending career fairs and forums throughout the year. At these events, the attendees get the opportunity to discover jobs and internships offered by Imerys in fields of Geology and Mining, Exploitation and Production, Sales and Marketing, Research and Development or Finance and Control.

Notable Activities[edit]

Promoting Human- and Civil Rights[edit]

Imerys supports and respects human rights in abidance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Imerys believes and supports the dignity, contentment and rights of company employees, their families and their communities. They are seen to be looking for opportunities to support positive efforts to promote deeper understanding of human rights values and to be seeking dialogue with others to promote respect for human rights consistent with the UN declaration.

Activities in the Field of Humanitarian Aid[edit]

Following the Haiti earthquake in January 2010, Imerys cooperated with Emergency Architects to rebuild the Fontaine health centre at Cité-Soleil, the country's largest town. More than 20% of the South African population aged 15-49 is infected by the AIDS epidemic. Imerys employs 600 people in the country and thus felt it necessary to set up a strategy for fighting the spread of the virus. The strategy focuses of the initial prevention phase providing training for Imerys’s employees and treatment thereafter if the virus is contracted.

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