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EDP Renovaveis
EDP Renovaveis
Industry Renewable Energy Company
Founded 2007
Headquarters Madrid, Spain
Area Served Europe, South America, North America
Chairman Antonio Mexia
Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Joao Manso Neto
Products Wind Energy
Market Value 5811.6 $m
Employees 890 (2013)
Website www.edpr.com

About EDP Renovaveis[edit]

EDP Renovaveis is a leading and global renewable energy company dedicated to sustainability and innovation. The company is registered in Oviedo, Spain, although the headquarters are in Madrid. Since its establishment in 2007 as a parent company of Energias de Portugal (EDP Group), EDP Renovaveis has become the third-largest generator of wind energy in the Iberian Peninsula after Iberdrola Renovables and NextEra Energy Resources. Since 1996 EDPR has developed wind farms and its global presence has been managed by two regional platforms, one in Europe (headquartered in Madrid and in charge of the assets among the countries of the European Union) and the other one in North America (headquartered in Houston and managing the assets in the USA and Canada). EDPR is continuously expanding their business to new regions and has recently expanded to South America. Currently, EDPR has added to their wind farm business some mini-hydro energy activities.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

EDPR has a strong company culture and therefore aims to make their employees feel part of it and also contribute to it throughout the organisation of different daily initiatives such as workshops and team building activities seeking to improve integration, gain a better understanding of the company and of the sector of renewable energy, and promote the adoption of socially responsible practices within the company. In 2013 EDPR introduced a new integration initiative called the ‘Induction Plan’ in which new hires are illustrated and guided by colleagues from different areas about the key aspects of the company and about how to contribute to EDPR. Additionally, EDPR takes part in numerous volunteering and sponsorship activities such as local fairs ( Expofacic fair in Portugal), sporting events (French National Track Cycling championships), cultural events (Wiatrakalia music festival in Poland) and charitable events (Save the Children dinner in Romania). Several of these activities rely upon the participation and collaboration of EDPR’s own employees such as the organisation of local food banks in Houston and Madrid. EDPR has joined Fundación EDP together with EDP and its subsidiary companies in Spain. Fundación EDP was created in November 2013 as an evolution of the former Fundación HC. The Mission of Fundación EDP is to reinforce the commitment of the EDP Group in regards to education, culture, social and environment in its geographical areas of activity. Fundación EDP has planned for 2014 to directly develop activities in Spain for 2.7 million Euros, being EDPR an important contributor to these activities.

Employment policy[edit]

Despite a difficult macroeconomic environment, EDPR increased the number of their employees by three percent reaching 890 in 2013. EDPR promotes a multicultural work atmosphere represented by 24 nationalities in their different offices. 24% of their employees work at EDPR Holding, 44% within the European Platform, 29% within the North American Platform and 2% in Brazil. The employment policy at EDPR consists of a non-discriminatory selection processes in which EDPR look for individuals who share a passion about the industry and share EDPR’s vision and goals. In 2013, EDPR hired 91 employees, 32% of which are women. A total of 72.2% of our employees have a University Degree and 27.8% have a Diploma or Certification. In 2013, EDPR hired 91 employees, 32% of which are women.

Cultural Exchange Programs[edit]

EDPR organises the so called exchange program ‘Renewable Energy School’ aimed at sharing internal knowledge and enhancing networking opportunities. The school is conceived as a platform for sharing knowledge and delivering programs and practices to improve EDPR employees’ skills throughout initiatives such as the ‘Training Roadmap’. This program has as its core the employees’ familiarization with the company’s business. In addition, its seeks to broaden the employees’ horizons by providing them with an overview of the new strategic challenges and opportunities that the company faces. In 2013 the ‘Renewable Energy School’ organised 34 training sessions across Europe and the United States, engaging with 67 internal expert trainers.


International Internship Program[edit]

EDPR offers an internship program which aims to provide new opportunities and experiences to young professionals and employees. in 2013 EDPR gave 87 long term internships in addition to the 18 summer internships that EDPR offered the same year.

Grants And Scholarships[edit]

EDPR has its own education support strategy which consists of different programs related to the fundamentals of renewable energy and how it is being implemented in areas where EDPR is developing or has operational projects. In 2013, EDPR celebrated the third edition of its ‘Green Education Program’, which provides education grants up to 90 students from Spain, Romania, Poland and Portugal based on their academic merits and financial situation. Additionally, ‘The Kid Wind’ initiative in the US, committed more than 60 thousand US dollars in scholarships to schools with the objective to make the science behind renewable energy more approachable and understandable.

Cooperation with Universities[edit]

EDPR’s educaton strategy counts with the ‘EDP University Challenge’ contest as one of its cornerstones. EDPR aims to promote a strong collaboration framework between the company and the academic world and foster excellent skills and abilities among univeristy students. In the last edition of the EDP University Challenge 84 teams, with 245 students and 60 professors, coming from 41 different universities participated. EDPR devoted 68,000 euros to this program.

Promoting Human and Civil Rights[edit]

EDPR has been a signatory member of the UN Global Compact since its formation because of their unquestionable commitment to sustainable development, human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. In 2013 EDPR was awarded the number one worldwide position in the FTSE4Good Index and contributed to EDP’s leading position in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Its dedication to fostering the company’s relations with its employees and stakeholders has led EDPR to be selected as a ‘Best Place to Work’ in several countries. Within its Code of Ethics, EDPR declares its opposition to forced labour and discrimination and its unconditional support for human rights. The company’s ‘Procurement Manual’ illustrates to employees, on how to implement these values and principles in practice. EDPR also procures that their select suppliers agree to comply with the UN Global Compact’s ten principles concerning anti-corruption practices, environmental matters, labour and human rights.

Activities in the Field of Humanitarian Aid[edit]

Charitable events are also promoted from the EDPR’s ranks such as the campaign `Save the Children‘, which takes place in Romania. Some of the humanitarian activities organised by EDPR count on social volunteering from EDPR’s own employees like the volunteering programs at local food banks taking place in Houston and Madrid.

Supporting Music and Visual Arts[edit]

EDPR is one of the major sponsors of several cultural events such as the Wiatrakalia music festival organised in Poland.

Supporting Sports[edit]

As mentioned above, the EDPR sponsors sporting events such as the French National Track Cycling Championships.

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