Deutsche Bank

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Deutsche Bank
Industry Financial Services
Founded 1870
Headquarters Frankfurt, Germany
Area Served Worldwide
Chairman Paul Achleitner
co-CEO Anshuman Jain
co-CEO Juergen Fitschen
Products Consumer Banking, Mortgage Loans, Corporate Finance, Insurance, Private Banking, Private Equity, Securities, Asset Management
Financial Services Volkswagen Financial Services AG
Market Value 45,764,300,000m$
Employees 98,219

About Deutsche Bank[edit]

Deutsche Bank is a German global banking and financial services company based in Frankfurt, Germany. The bank has a large presence globally and is one of Germany’s leading banks. It also has major financial offices all over the world, including in: London, Sydney, Jakarta, Paris, New York City, Toronto, Dubai, Paris, Tokyo and many more.

Deutsche Bank offers many financial products and services for corporate and institutional clients along with private and business clients. Services include: sales, trading, research of debt and equity as well as mergers and acquisitions (M&A). The bank has nine main divisions: The Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB), Corporate Banking and Securities (CB&S), Markets, Corporate Finance, Global Transaction Banking, Asset and Wealth Management, Private Clients and Asset Management (PCAM), Private Wealth Management, and Communication, all of which comprise around 100,000 employees in total.

The bank has been widely recognized for its transformation over the ten years between 2002 until 2012 for moving from a German-centric organization to a global investment bank that is less reliant on its traditional markets. Deutsche Bank was named International Financing Review's Bank of the Year twice in a three-year period, in 2003 and 2005. It also won the prize in 2010. In 2012, for the second time in three years, Deutsche Bank was named Best Global Investment Bank in the annual Euromoney Awards for Excellence.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

Deutsche Bank avidly supports culture through its partnerships with art and music institutions in Germany and around the world. The bank is partnered with The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and many other cultural institutions in Germany with the aim to educate children and youth in the field of culture. Deutsche Bank is also partnered with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Australia for the same purpose and has a number of educational initiatives including Children to Olympus! and Operndolmus.

Employment Policy[edit]

Deutsche Bank employs just over 98,000 workers all over the world. The bank’s nine divisions all hire based on their specific needs, yet mostly, Deutsche Bank hires workers with a background in finance.

Cultural Exchange Programs[edit]

Deutsche Bank hosts a number of cultural exchange programs in the art and music fields. The bank’s 25-year partnership with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra has culminated in the creation of the Orchestra Academy, which works with young musicians to help them professionally and financially.

Deutsche Bank also hosts Children to Olympus! (Kinder zum Olymp!), which is a large-scale art competition for young students all over Germany.


International Internship Program[edit]

Deutsche Bank has a number of Analyst Internship programs all over the world for students in the fields of finance, banking, business management, etc.

Grants and Scholarships[edit]

Deutsche Bank hosts a number of scholarships and grants, its most popular being the Deutsche Bank Accelerate Scholarship (3,000 Euros) and it’s numerous sports scholarships.

Notable Activities[edit]

Promoting Human and Civil Rights[edit]

Deutsche Bank has signed onto the UN Global Compact, which focuses on Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption principles.

Supporting Music and Visual Arts[edit]

Deutsche Bank is currently partnered with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and runs the “Children to Olympus!” student art competition annually.


Deutsche Bank Official Website