British American Tobacco

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British American Tobacco
Industry Tobacco, Food & Drinks
Founded 1902
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Area Served Worldwide
Chairman Richard Burrows
Chief Executive Nicandro Durante
Products Cigarettes
Market Value 104.634,8m§
Employees 89.820 (2014)

About British American Tobacco[edit]

British American Tobacco is a British multinational company which has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. As its name suggests, the company produces tobacco and is the second-largest company of this industry by sales in the world. It is also the sixth-largest of any company listed in the London Stock Exchange.

Engagement in Cultural Diplomacy[edit]

British American Tobacco invests in cultural diplomacy through acts that address the civil society. Such activities aim to enrich public and community life, including supporting the arts and educational institutions, conserving indigenous cultures and restoring public spaces. The company also continues to make other important contributions to meet local needs, such as relief efforts after natural disasters and programmes focused on HIV/AIDS.

Employment Policy[edit]

British American Tobacco is promoting diversity within its boards of directors. The company wants to improve diversity at senior management levels by respecting the fact that appointments should be made on merit. Few companies are as naturally diverse as British American Tobacco. It takes a truly varied and vibrant workforce to serve customers in over 200 markets.


International Internship Programs[edit]

The company is offering an international trainee programs in many fields all around the world, titled International Management Trainee Programme. It is a graduate development programme, with a two-year duration, where the participant can have a choice on the business function that they will work on.

Grants and Scholarships[edit]

The company provides empowerment by focusing on giving people training, education and opportunities to help them develop. Examples include scholarships and IT training or programmes supporting small businesses and promoting entrepreneurship. The company is offering grants to scientists that contribute to the science of tobacco harm reduction.

Notable activities[edit]

Activities in the Field of Humanitarian Aid[edit]

British and American Tobacco is active in the Field of Humanitarian Aid, and in particular the group has initiated the Sustainable Agriculture and Environment Programme. More specifically, the company covers contributions to the social, economic and environmental sustainability of agriculture. It includes activities such as efforts to improve biodiversity and access to water, afforestation, programmes to prevent child labour, grants for agricultural research and training to help farmers grow non-tobacco crops.

Promoting Human and Civil Rights[edit]

British American Tobacco is respecting human rights and also recognizes their importance. Workplace related human rights are embodied in the employment principles of the company, which also recognizes that it has a huge role in addressing human rights issues that are within its sphere of influence, especially in the countries where the company operates.

British American Tobacco has published documents about its employment principles and child labour policy. Aiming to promote ethical working values and conditions, the company explains how respecting these principles or codes of conduct is really important. It has also published a “Sustainability Summary Report”, along with many other documents related to this subject to show to people the reason why sustainability matters.

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