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Books on
Author Title Date Publisher
Bellwood, Peter and Dizon, Eusebio 4000 Years of Migration and Cultural Exchange -- Australian National University
Bryson, John, R. Arts, Dance, Cultural Infrastructure, and City Regeneration: Knowledge, Audience Development, Networks, and Conventions, and the Relocation of a Royal Ballet company from London to Birmingham 2007 Taylor and Francis Online
Australis, Terra 4000 Years of Migration and Cultural Exchange -- Australian National University
Park, Professor Hyunhee Mapping the Chinese and Islamic Worlds: Cross-Cultural Exchange in Pre-Modern Asia 2012 Cambridge
Park, Hyunhee Mapping the Chinese and Islamic Worlds: Cross-Cultural Exchange in Pre-Modern Asia 2012 Cambridge
Hooper, Anthony Culture and Sustainable Development in the Pacific 2005 Australian National University/Asia Pacific Press
Hroch, Jaroslav; Hollan, David; McLean, George, F. National, cultural and ethnic identities: Harmony beyond Conflict 2009 Czech Philosophical Studies, IV
O’Riley, William Architectural Knowledge and Cultural Diversity 1999 Comportments
Bersick, Sebastian; Stokhof, Wim & Velde, Paul, Van Der Multiregionalism and Multilateralism: Asian-European Relations in a Global Context 2006 Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam
Cao, Huhua Ethnic Minorities and Regional Development in Asia : Reality and Challenges 2009 Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam
Lake, Marilyn & Curthoys, Ann Connected Worlds: History in Transnational Perspective 2006 ANU Press, Canberra
Kolig, Erich; Angeles, Vivienne, S., M. & Wong, Sam dentity in Crossroad Civilisations : Ethnicity, Nationalism and Globalism in Asia 2009 Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam
Fredette, Jennifer Constructing Muslims in France - Discourse, Public Identity, and the Politics of Citizenship 2014 Temple University Press, Philadelphia, PA
Bauböck, Rainer & Faist, Thomas Diaspora and Transnationalism : Concepts, Theories and Methods 2010 Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam
Clyne, Michael & Jupp, James Multiculturalism and Integration : A Harmonious Relationship 2011 ANU Press, Canberra
Pisters, Patricia & Staat, Wim Shooting the Family : Transnational Media and Intercultural Values 2005 Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam
Algan, Yann; Bisin, Alberto; Manning, Alan & Verdier, Thierry Cultural Integration of Immigrants in Europe 2012 Oxford University Press, Oxford
Weber, Elke U. & Christopher Hsee Cross cultural exchange in the risk perception, but cross-cultural similarities in attitudes towards perceived risks 1998 Managment Science, Vol. 44, No.9
Samovar, Larry A.; Porter, Richard E.; McDaniel, Edwin R. Communications between cultures 2009 Wadsworth Inc Fulfillmen
Bin Sang Hun; Cho Kyung Ryun, Na Hong Ju; Park Young Hi Correlation between Cultural Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange 2013
Gasparini, Wiliam & Cometti Aurélie Le sport à l'épreuve de la diversité culturelle: intégration et dialogue interculturel en Europe (Sport facing the test of cultural diversity) 2010 Conseil de l'Europe
Commission Economique pour l'Afrique Coopération entre les BRICS et l'Afrique: conséquence sur la croissance, l'emploi et la transformation culturelle de l'Afrique 2013 Commission Economique pour l'Afrique
Report by EUNIC Europe from the Outside: Expections of Europe's External Cultural relations 2013/14 Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa) and the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC)
Bruell, Cornelia CreativeEurope 2014-2020, ifa Edition Culture and Foreign Policy 2014 Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa) and the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC)
REPORT EUROPE-CHINA CULTURAL COMPASS 2011 European Union National Institutes for Culture
ed. Śliwa, Martyna Strategies for cultures. Culture for development 2011 Malopolski Instytut Kulture
Schneider, Cynthia P Culture Communicates: US Diplomacy that works 2004 Netherlands Institute of International Relations "Clingendael"
Zenderowski, Radosław International Cultural Relations - scripts of lectures 2008
Hausner, Jerzy; Karwińska, Anna & Purchla, Jacek Culture and development. 2013 Narodowe Centrum Kultury
Archick, Kristin; Belkin, Paul; Blanchard, Christopher M.; Mix, Derek, E. & Ek, Carl Muslims in Europe: Promoting Integration and Countering Extremism 2011 Congressional Research Service
Pelletier, Lucien & Cheadle, Norman Canadian Cultural Exchange: Translation and Transculturation / Traduction Et Transculturation 2007 Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Agency for Cultural Affairs About the Future Promotion of International Cultural Exchange 2003 Japan Cultural Affairs Agency
Asia-Europe Foundation Mapping Asia-Europe Cultural Cooperation 2010 Creative Commons Licence
Berry, John W. Acculturation: Living Successfully in Two Cultures 2005 International Journal of Intercultural Relations
Bound, Kirsten; et al. Cultural Diplomacy 2007 Demos
Cliche, Danielle; Wiesand, Andreas ['Art39Final.pdf Achieving Intercultural Dialogue through the Arts and Culture? Concepts, Policies, Programmes, Practices 2009] IFACCA
Davidson, Lola Sharon and Muecke, Stephen Indian Ocean Traffic: Introduction 2012 UTSePress, University of Technology Sydney
Eana, Ramona-Gabriela Strategic Changes in the Socio-Cultural Level. Contemporary Society, Between "Uunity in Diversity" and Dissolution in Diversity 2012 "Constantin Brâncoveanu" University
Edgell, Alvin G. Globalization and Cultural Encounters 2003 Kent University
Griffith, David A.; Harvey, Michael G. Developing Effective Intercultural Relationships: The Importance of Communication Strategies 2002 Wiley Periodicals
Holden, John Influence and Attraction: Culture and the Race for Soft Power in the 21st Century 2012 British Council
Kalomiris, Paul How States Are Using Arts and Culture to Strengthen their Global Trade Development 2003 NGA Center for Best Practices
Kruth, Erin U.S. Alternative Diplomacy towards North Korea: Food Aid, Musical Diplomacy, and Track II Exchanges 2008 Johns Hopkins University
Linder, Mindy Ann Dimensions of Intercultural Dialogue: Catalyzing the Exchange of Diverse Narratives in the Digital Age 2011 University of Oregon
Liu, Yue Arts Exchanges in Contemporary US-China Cultural Diplomacy 2013 University of Oregon
Lorbach, Johanna Movement, Mixture, Music: Stimulating Effective International Cultural Interaction Through the Performing Arts 2013 University of Oregon
Maxwell, Rachael The Place of Arts and Culture in Canadian Foreign Policy -- Canadian Conference of the Arts
Obeidat, Marwan M. and Al-Shalabi, Nazmi Cultures in Contact: How Education and Cultural Studies Help Obliterate Unnecessary Perpetuation of Cross-cultural Misunderstanding Between the USA and the Arab World 2011 Canadian Academy of Oriental and Occidental Culture (CAOOC)
Philo, Greg Cultural Encounters between China and Britain: Key Factors in the Formation and Transfer of Ideas and Values 2010 Glasgow University
Province, Jiangxi et al. Cross-Cultural Exchange 2011 LACMA
Rogers, Richard A. From Cultural Exchange to Transculturation: A Review and Reconceptualization of Cultural Appropriation 2006 Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff
Rong-Hua Li Culture Justice of the 21st Century: Diverse Civilization 2009 Canadian Center of Science and Education
Salzburg Global Seminar Public and Private Cultural Exchange-Based Diplomacy: New Models for the 21st Century 2012 Salzburg Global Seminar, Robert Sterling Clark Foundation
Schneider, Cynthia P. [ Culture Communicates: US Diplomacy that Works 2004] Netherlands Institute of International Relations 'Clingendael'
Smith, Iain Robert The Exorcist in Istanbul: Transnational Processes of Intercultural Dialogue within Turkish Popular Cinema 2008 UTSePress, University of Technology Sydney
Urošević, Nataša Cultural identity and cultural tourism - between the local and the global(a case study of Pula, Croatia) 2012 Singidunum University
Vasbø, Kristin Beate Intercultural Learning Across Contexts 2013 International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education
Wenbin Jiang, Caiwu Fu How Does the Foreign Audience Respond to China’s Cultural Exchange Programs Abroad: Survey Evidence from the 2011 Terracotta Army Exhibition in Montreal 2012 Canadian Center of Science and Education
Yudhishthir, Raj Isar Shifting Economic Power: New Horizons for Cultural Exchange in our Multi-Polar World 2012 Salzburg Global Seminar